Iphone 4 12 Month Contract Total £589 **UPGRADE ONLY** @ Three

Iphone 4 12 Month Contract Total £589 **UPGRADE ONLY** @ Three

Found 7th Nov 2010
Ive just called three to upgrade to iphone 4

They offered me

-12 Month Contract
-300 Mins
-5000 Texts
-1GB Internet
-£349.99 For Phone

Thought it was a preety good deal myself

Upgrade Only


Which iPhone 4? 16gb or 32gb

Not such a good deal if for the 16gb and as its an UPGRADE route so the mobile provider has more of an incentive to retain you. I would have therefore expected a much better deal overall.

For the 32GB Handset:

Handset cost - £429 Upfront
Monthly cost - £20

TOTAL - £669.00

For the 16GB Handset:

Handset cost - £349 Upfront
Monthly cost - £20

TOTAL - £589

See link

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thats a rediculous amount

Thats £49 a month ... jesus you know what they say .. a fool and his money....

Paying all that money, and still on a WELL below par network, lool

The network is fine actually. I have both a works O2 and my personal 3 network provider.

BUT that price is not a good deal at all.

Put it this way, about 5th Nov Three increased their phone cost from £100 to £150. Can you believe it!! So, the author is paying £250 so as to have just a years committment rather than 2 years.

2 years would cost an EXTRA £110. So a SIM only deal would basically work out the same for the 2nd year (say).

So the deal is basically no better, no worse.

But the cheakiness is Three increasing their phone to £150 (on the £30pm tariff). Might as well save £30 and go with Orange. And pay the £5 more per month Orange charges but get free wifi in the street/cafes/public places.

I'm currently looking for an upgrade deal with 3 but this is too expensive for me. What else did they offer you?

I upgraded last week, best I could manage after numerous calls was a free N8 @£22pm (300 units 500mb iirc)

12 months! ah the dream
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