iPhone 4 16GB - £620 @ Apple for unlocked phone and one-year contract - 600 mins, 500 texts. internet and added booster
iPhone 4 16GB - £620 @ Apple for unlocked phone and one-year contract - 600 mins, 500 texts. internet and added booster

iPhone 4 16GB - £620 @ Apple for unlocked phone and one-year contract - 600 mins, 500 texts. internet and added booster

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The iPhone is purchased directly from Apple. You can get it for £485 with cashback. It is purchased on the ten month interest free - so it is £50 a month spreading the cost of the phone in a similar manner as a phone contract.

Then, call T-Mobile, and request a microsim for the following deal. 600 min, 500 text, 3GB Internet, and one additional booster. This is a £10 per month 12 month contract.

Therefore, the total cost is £620 spread over ten and 12 months respectively.

My girlfriend got this yesterday.

This is a combination of deals which have already been posted. But when I was reading people talking about the recent vodaphone deal/glitch - I got the feeling that people had not picked up on this so I though that I would post it as it is totally legit, the phone is unlocked and there are lots of minutes, texts etc.


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If cold - please say why

Just had a better deal from vodafone 32gb iphone 4 foc 75mins ultd txts 500mb £25 on a 24mth contract works out at £600,maybe a £1 more but you get minutes/txts/internet and a better handset
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Yes - but that is a glitch. No longer available and unlikely to be honoured.

When is the white iphone being released for sale?

It's a lot of money to pay upfront. Most people would prefer to stretch it out and pay monthly eg 3's £30 per month and £99 or £149 up front depending on data you want, even if they are paying the up front money extra for everyone esle there's android.

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It is not paid upfront. It is £50 per month for ten months

Its not expired,and mine has been despatched

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link = Sorry, we can't process your order because of a technical problem. We're working hard to fix it. Please call us on 08080 101 256 to get help with your order.

well ive just clicked through link and had no problems

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Sorry - the Vodaphone deal is a good deal if it gets honoured. I am just surprised about this.

All I have done is put together two (very) hot deals to show people another option and it has gone cold which I find hard to understand.

T-Mobile deal is way better - i got this deal, £10 month with 600mins 500text 3gb internet and unlimited landline you cant go wrong with that deal! very hot indeed!

It's cold because 1) it's been posted, 2) it's not a deal, it's standard price and 3) it's an iPhone.

You've got the holy trinity of HUKD coldness there bud. Its good you took the time to post it, but don't get hung up on the cold votes.

I voted hot because of the time and effort you put into the deal.

I voted hot as I think the iphone 4 is fab, everyone has different views - thanks for taking the time to post, if people cant say something nice they should keep their mouth shut!......sorry

HOT from me I was going to do this anyway as I have 3 of these t-mobile deals at the moment....

But I didn't know apple did interest free on the iphone. Many thanks for sharing this info.

You can't go wrong with this deal!


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Hi, here is the link to info on interest free if helpful


Fair enough, but 60 per month is still quite a lot. I think even at 30pm it's a bit much for a phone that'll be replaced in a little more than 6 months but thats the greedy networks for you. Haven't voted btw, don't like getting cold votes myself.

How do you get the cashback?
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