iPhone 5 + iPad Mini Converter socket (For old iPod / iPhone 4 cable) £1.00 @ Poundworld

iPhone 5 + iPad Mini Converter socket (For old iPod / iPhone 4 cable) £1.00 @ Poundworld

Found 9th Mar 2014
Saw this in Poundworld, and thought it might of interest to owners of newer Apple products with the Lightning connector
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Bought one yesterday. Point to note though; while it does charge and provide a connection to itunes, I noticed that it stated 'Not Charging' on my ipad mini while connected to the PC USB. It was charging the ipad but did not have the usual charging indicator next to the percentage.

Where it did work as expected is when I used an official apple USB cable (old style), attached the convertor socket to the USB cable and used an official apple USB mains plug to connect the USB cable to. If I did this then it worked fine and the charge indicator appeared. Bizarre, it must be a software recognition thing.

Anyhoo, it did work for me and at a quid then I cant complain at all!
No lightning cable will charge a mini ipad via a USB connection
USB laptop connection
Whilst it may say 'not charging', it actually does, albeit very slowly.
OP, you might get more votes if you put "Lightning to 30-pin adapter" in the title.

No lightning cable will charge a mini ipad via a USB connection

my iPad air/ipad mini charge via macbook through usb... never tried on a windows machine but assume it would also charge?
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Personally would avoid this - my iPhone was basically destroyed by using the cheap chargers - funny indicators, like not stating it's charging etc, are the first step I found. Or maybe I was just unlucky
Ive seen people buy poundland signalex earphones and have the 3.5mm stuck in the headphone jack after it broke off. Tough to get them out. I assume it will be the same problem here. I wouldnt risk it personally
I had one of these it started off good then after using it a few times a message on my phone came up saying unrecognised accessorie or somthing like that ad would not charge via the apple plug, tried it with my pc and worked but the charging rate was very slow.
Bought about 5 of these and they work brilliantly for a few weeks then they just stop working out of the blue. I didn't even get slow charging or the accessory not recognised message. I opened one of them up and it looks like the connection between the lightning connector and the board is very lightly soldered so the connection will break very easily. I'd say get one for a quid but don't solely rely on it in case of an emergency.
Yeh same prob here, fine for the first uses.
Using this adapter with an old style iPhone cable it charges much slower, than using a lightning cable I used an app to test the output and the adapter was outputing around 150mAH while the lightning cable was outputting 500mAH
Cud do wi summit for free for a change av got nothing
DONT BUY!! It doesn't fit into iPhone 5 cold cold cold!!!
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