iPhone 5C and Sony Z3 compact reduced to £240 on O2 pay and go

iPhone 5C and Sony Z3 compact reduced to £240 on O2 pay and go

Found 5th Mar 2015
As in title. O2 have reduced their iPhone 5C and sony Z3 compact to just £240 in store. Not sure if online hopefully someone can help me and upload a link and photo as on mobile.

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doesnt appear to be online - still showing as 349.99 for the z3 compact and 319.99 for the 5c
- doncoop

Online now
iphone 5c o2.co.uk/sho…5c/
z3 compact o2.co.uk/sho…ct/
- lugsy3
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    Hot if true
    How easy is the Z3 to unlock, if true
    is that the 8GB iPhone 5C?
    Original Poster
    Original Poster

    is that the 8GB iPhone 5C?

    Apparently 16gb same price if you can find a store with them in stock.
    This will probably be locked to o2 and will cost a further £10 top up (as in the advert) then £15 to get your unlock code.
    Very hot for z3 compact if true, don't need one, but great phone
    Oneplus One is only £269 for 64GB variant. You can buy it on Tuesdays without an invite.


    Oneplus One is only £269 for 64GB variant. You can buy it on Tuesdays without an invite. http://www.techradar.com/reviews/phones/mobile-phones/oneplus-one-1244307/review

    I got a Z2 and a One plus last month, One plus is nice, bit bulky, but Z2 blows it away in my opinion, some very good tech in the Sony z phones (waterproof, noise cancelling, great battery, etc).
    Z3 compact looks great if £240
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    Got the z3, absolutely love it. Need to get round to rooting it.
    Definitely true just got one at my local store in Beckton East London. Thank you so much op you have made my day. It's my daughters birthday sat and this is all she's asked for so now l be able to get one.
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    Definitely true just got one at my local store in Beckton East London. Thank you so much op you have made my day. It's my daughters birthday sat and this is all she's asked for so now l be able to get one.

    Really glad this helped someone out
    Thanks I'll getting one fo tese for my birthday as well
    shame only 8gb for the 5C
    The Apple Store used to price match not sure if they still do but if they do its one way of getting an unlocked handset. I've just looked at O2 online and its still showing as full price.

    Got the z3, absolutely love it. Need to get round to rooting it. 

    Wouldn't root it myself, might lose some great features (stamina mode, screen record, noise cancelling, etc). Normally I would root phones, but feel its best not for the Z's
    Wow, hot for Z3 Comp. If I'm on a rolling monthly SIM-only contract with another provider, is this just a case of rock up to O2, pay for phone, then pay for them to unlock? Will they do it there and then? I don't want/need the O2 SIM really.

    Wouldn't root it myself, might lose some great features (stamina mode, screen record, noise cancelling, etc). Normally I would root phones, but feel its best not for the Z's

    Nonsense son. Z1compact here. Rooted. All the above work. I think you've read a little but not enough. D-

    Oneplus One is only £269 for 64GB variant. You can buy it on Tuesdays … Oneplus One is only £269 for 64GB variant. You can buy it on Tuesdays without an invite. http://www.techradar.com/reviews/phones/mobile-phones/oneplus-one-1244307/review

    neither of these handsets have have gimped 4g performance though...

    Wouldn't root it myself, might lose some great features (stamina mode, screen record, noise cancelling, etc). Normally I would root phones, but feel its best not for the Z's

    You only lose that stuff if you unlock the boot loader.
    Doh I only just bought my Z3C. Oh well. Hot stuff.

    This will probably be locked to o2 and will cost a further £10 top up (as in the advert) then £15 to get your unlock code.

    Nah - all you need is a friend or family member on O2. Then just fill out THIS UNLOCKING FORM

    Best of all, it is free

    Wow, hot for Z3 Comp.  If I'm on a rolling monthly SIM-only contract with another provider, is this just a case of rock up to O2, pay for phone, then pay for them to unlock?  Will they do it there and then? I don't want/need the O2 SIM really.

    Read my comment above
    managed to reserve one

    Nonsense son.  Z1compact here.  Rooted.  All the above work.  I think you've read a little but not enough.  D-

    I didn't read nuffink
    is this 8gb or 16gb?
    if I'm right it is not the Actual z3 isn't it
    is kind of mini z3 right?

    is this 8gb or 16gb? 

    read the comments

    if I'm right it is not the Actual z3 isn't it is kind of mini z3 right?

    compact version of z3, but specs are the same as the big brother (besides the screen size and resolution), unlike the other "mini" models of the other brands that cut down the specs on their mini series

    Definitely true just got one at my local store in Beckton East London. Thank you so much op you have made my day. It's my daughters birthday sat and this is all she's asked for so now l be able to get one.

    Wish my parents spent £240 on my birthdays
    Great deal. Just been in and bought. My store hadn't updated their signage but when asked, they confirmed the price.
    iv just contacted Apple and they don't price match handsets that are locked to a network
    Z3 & Z3 Compact are a couple of the most underrated phones of last year. I love my Z3, much prefer it to my LG G3, way better battery life, better (but slower) camera, faster and more fluid graphic transitions and now that you can get root access as well without unlocking the bootloader, well that's just the icing on the cake.
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    Just need the cheapest unlock now, Anyone?

    iv just contacted Apple and they don't price match handsets that are locked to a network 

    Aww that's a pity
    does anyone know the price in Belfast. I called the store they said it's £360

    This will probably be locked to o2 and will cost a further £10 top up (as in the advert) then £15 to get your unlock code.

    If you're a Pay & Go customer, your O2 mobile can be unlocked 12 months … If you're a Pay & Go customer, your O2 mobile can be unlocked 12 months after purchase for a one-off £15 fee which we'll deduct from your airtime balance. This policy may vary according to the handset you have purchased.

    I just found this


    Is there a way around the 12 months? I'll pay the £15
    can the credit be transferred to and work with a giffgaff sim?

    will this be ok with a giffgaff sim?

    Yes! O2 network lock handsets so SIMs from any operator using the O2 network are fine (including Tesco, GiffGaff etc.)

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    voting cold because here in Cumbria, O2 can't even manage a 2g signal, smart phones are rendered useless by their atrocious coverage in the 'sticks'!
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