iPhone 5s - 500mb - £11 per month with £19 upfront £283 @ Three

iPhone 5s - 500mb - £11 per month with £19 upfront £283 @ Three

Found 6th Oct 2017
Seems like a good deal for a basic iPhone

For only £11 per month.

Unlimited Texts
iPhone 5s
One off £19 upfront payment
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So Retro man.
£283 thats a joke!!!!
googley22 h, 17 m ago

£283 thats a joke!!!!

To be fair it doesn’t sound like a good deal given the age of the tech but you’re not paying £283 for the phone. If you assume £5 per month for airtime that equates to £163 for the phone. Probably better paying a bit more and getting a later model on O2 Refresh.:{
I don't this is getting any further updates on Ios now so if your after a small iphone then go for the SE which is the same phone body but better camera and is an Iphone 6s on the inside.....
nice not to have to mess with cash back and if the allowances were a bit better it would be ok ...but the 17 a month SE with cashback bring it downt to 14 earlier in the week was a better deal i think
iPhone SE is better with newer CPU.
Can’t believe that Apples 4 year old model still going at that rate and there is still so much interest!!! Wonder how much Samsung 4 year ole will do now.
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