iPhone 6 'Almost Perfect' o2 Refresh Deal 64GB £341.99 @ o2

iPhone 6 'Almost Perfect' o2 Refresh Deal 64GB £341.99 @ o2

£341.99O2 Deals
Found 9th Sep 2016
Now that iPhone 7 has been announced the price has dropped on the iPhone 6 deals.

For 64GB, pick:




a month

- total device price - £341.99

Thanks tomwatts for the below guide..

Step by step guide for this deal

- - -

1) Follow the get deal button, purchase the GB and tarriff as above.

2) Receive your brand new phone and sim card.

3) Put the sim card into your phone and go onto myO2 (app or website) and from there request the unlock code.

4) Call 202 from the same sim card as it will make things much easier, go straight to the I want to leave o2 department or something like that (I think it's thinking of leaving us? Press something) as that will connect you with the right people much quicker.

5) Tell the person you want to pay your device in full and cancel the airtime. They will ask you why, tell them you don't think the airtime is a good value for money, but you want to keep the phone because you think it's an outstanding value for money. They will ask you for card details, you tell those details and that's it, they cancel it for you in about an hour.

6) You own the phone from that point, assumed that you have done this straightaway, there won't be any charges, otherwise you will have to pay as much airtime as you have used.

7) Unlock code will come through in about 2 to 48 hours.

In first month they might take the airtime from your bank account through direct debit because they generate the bill the next day you apply for a contract, don't be scared as this will be refunded the next month, if not, call them again.

Many people have taken advantage of refresh offers in the past, myself included. This is a great price for this device if you want it now!
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That's the iPhone 6 not the 6s!

That's the iPhone 6 not the 6s!

Sorry corrected!
the price of these is only going to go one way, might be worth waiting for a few weeks, previous old discounted phones dropped like a stone a few weeks after the annoucement
How do you know that you're paying £341.99 and not £441.99 which is the price for a payg phone?
Anybody got any experience with the condition of these?
Way too much £ for a phone with only 1GB Ram. As there are now 2 newer phones with double the Ram, this phone is going to lack features or become obsolete very quickly. I know basic things will still work well but I'd want more for so much money.

I'd say the iOS sweet spot at the moment is a second hand 6s with 64/128 storage. You get the Ram, you get no bending and you get the luxury of a headphone jack!
I think my deal is a bit better, see here: hotukdeals.com/dea…919
6S Plus and 64GB for £433, not only is it a gen up but the Plus version too!
Does the unlock code come on email or SMS?
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