iPhone 6 Plus 128GB Gold £739 Currys Online

iPhone 6 Plus 128GB Gold £739 Currys Online

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Found 14th Jul 2015
Curry flash sale save £50. I sure everyone knows about the iPhone and what it can do!


Hot..iPhone Curry Masala...

At that price, it can DO one...........

£50 quid off RRP and it's gonna be outdated in 2 months no thanks haha!

Collĺddddd Bbbbrrrŕrrrrrrrr

20% of the market 80% of the profits.
now that is a business model to emulate
it may look like a turd, smell like a turd, but this turd is handled by the best people.


Cold....its a phone....its £739....crazy money

After you've factored in your sim card costs it's probably the same money on contract, except there you're paying it off over time.


Cold....its a phone....its £739....crazy money

Absolutely £739 would be crazy money for anyone who uses this as just "a phone".
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A good saving for any Apple fans in the market for one, have some heat!

this isnt really a deal, just looking at amazon you can get this for £699 and im sure with a bit more searching there are probably even cheaper deals around

Argos £699.
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