Iphone 8 64GB 1000 mins unlimited text 1GB data 36 months for £28 a month with £0.00 upfront cost - £1008 @ Virgin media

Iphone 8 64GB 1000 mins unlimited text 1GB data 36 months for £28 a month with £0.00 upfront cost - £1008 @ Virgin media

Found 19th Mar
Contract for 36 months for £28 a month with £0.00 upfront cost
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3 years contract wow
£1000 for 1gb of data I think winter is coming on this deal sorry
All deals for 3 year contracts should be ice cold.
Morning @aivute thanks for sharing your first deal
Imagine being stuck with the same phone for 3 years.....not that it’ll last that long when Apple throttle the battery.
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3 year contract, make sure you have insurance. Imagine breaking it on day one of your contract....Then still having 35 months of payments left.

For those who want the latest phone every year, don't bother with this...The OP has also forgotten to mention that this only has 1GB data per month. Again not enough for someone who wants the latest gadget phone.
Thanks for sharing op keep up the good work....
Thanks for posting OP but I think you can do better elsewhere for this phone.

£629 from Very for the phone (which you now outright own)

This SIM deal here I just randomly picked out as it's 8 quid and better value for money, but you can use any sub £10 SIM deal.

8.50 x 36 (months) = £306
£629+£306= £935

Admittedly you need money upfront to do this but imho if you don't have a credit card, PayPal credit, savings, etc... to stomach up front purchases then you need to re-evaluate your finances

Plus the freedom of buying SIM free phones is you can have 12 month or even 1 month rolling SIM contracts, and sell/trade in your actual phone to make your next upgrade much cheaper.

#ContractsAreDead #NoToContracts

(PS. I would recommend going to the dark side and buying Chinese flagships e.g. OnePlus, Xiaomi, maybe Huawei/Honor, but hey, that's just me :{)
Apple phones don't work after 3 years......VM pushing 3 year contracts can feck off
EE 8GB unlimited texts and calls £200 up front for £30/month at mobiles.co.uk

Is that a good deal?
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Haha good banter!! Seems like The Beast from the east !!! Brrrrrrrrrr
A 3 year contract and only 1gb of data. Plain crazy imo
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