iPhone 8 - 64GB - Unlocked - Grade A - Argos / EBay £475.99

iPhone 8 - 64GB - Unlocked - Grade A - Argos / EBay £475.99

£475.99eBay Deals
Found 9th Apr
Seems like a pretty good price. I have found Grade A Argos to be perfect in the past but may have been lucky - you have 30 days to return if you are not happy anyway.

Just a shame my boy doesn’t want gold - the hunt continues
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Yeah good price there. Heat added
Thanks, bought one!
No worries - eBay showing ‘last one’ so this will expire soon
All gone! Pleased you got one GeniusGizmo
was thinking of getting one, oh well. Any good deals for a samsung s8?
p.s well done to the lucky 18 who got one!
Was thinking to buy or not since deal was posted. Now OOS will sleep with peace.
cold, not in red color.
I have this feeling the gold is almost always cheaper is because it’s not that nice a colour - it’s very ‘sexist’ compared to the older gold colours and it has a pinky gold hue, the white back is also closer to beige and it looks like it’s discolored as it doesn’t match the white front. That’s just my take - I had one at launch and immediately swapped it for silver.
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