iPhone  ( and others) screen protectors £1 @ Poundland

iPhone ( and others) screen protectors £1 @ Poundland

Found 5th Nov 2010
2 screen protectors for the iPhone 3G.
Can be cut down for smaller phones.
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Are these any good?
I forgot.
The sizes are 5,6cm x 10.9cm.
Any good?
Well obviously not as good as the £80 gold plated HDMI ones. oO
Screen protectors are an unnecessary mug buy

Screen protectors are an unnecessary mug buy

Only a mug buy if you work in a clean environment like an office, if you work in a warehouse environment for example, there actually quite good at stopping the screen from getting scratched.

Not so good if you cut them down tho, as they start to peel up if you cut them yourself. Better to get the appropriate one for your phone, can find them most places quite cheep if you look.


for a pack of 8 at £1.99 and free postage.
I buy 10 for £1 from ebay all the time.... But I do get a £1 for each one lol

Not so good a deal from PL lol

how do these compare to say an invisishield?

And not a mug buy when 6 months down the line your phone is scratched up like hell

Screen protectors are a necessary mug buy

Fixed that for you. iPhone screens among others have an oleophobic coated layer that is easily damaged. While the glass below may be made of tougher stuff, that is little consolation if you are looking through hundreds of hairline scratches.
None at my dewsbury store
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