iPhone Audio & video cable £1 @ Poundland
iPhone Audio & video cable £1 @ Poundland

iPhone Audio & video cable £1 @ Poundland

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IPhone iPod or itouch video & audio cable for only a pound!! Works perfectly and there were loads in Walthamstow when I picked this one up.

I have a pic can someone tell me how I upload? Thanks



I have a pic can someone tell me how I upload? Thanks

madnez00, if you first upload your image from your PC/ mobile to one of the free image host sites such as] imageshack (no login account needs to be created if its a generic pic with no personal info that you may want to delete later) and then once uploaded just copy the 'Direct link to image' jpg to the 'Link to Image File' in your opening post (click edit to access) - it's very easy to do though in a few clicks

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Yes it is :-)

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Thanks I'm trying this through photobox but when I try to save it says Ive entered an invalid link??

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Ok photo now added. Just click on go to deal link


Voted hot as anything to do with Apple accessories can be expensive for what they are.

Just to be clear - the Audio Video cable - is this the one which has a microphone and earbud speakers at the other end; or is it a cable with the yellow & red RCA cable at the other end?


I thought that the Video output on these cables didn't work on ipod's with latest firmware?

doesn't on mine anyhow.....still OK for a cheap audio cable mind..

these cables haven't worked on iphones for quite sometime time, almost a year now, it is something to do with firmware updates. Got one myself and its up in the loft with the rest of the junk signalex, and others, products I have bought

I have one of these cables and used it on my 3.1 Iphone with a small mod, the site here (sinfuliphone.com/sho…626 ) suggests the mod will also work on a 3.1.2 and 3.1.3 Iphone.
Although I have to had no need to use it on my updated 3.1.2 Iphone, so I have not tested this on 3.1.2 yet.

You can find more information on this by looking for "Suondmao iapd 3.1.3" or 3.1.2 etc. on the net, it has something to do with removing or bypassing the error message, you get with a non-apple cable and so allowing the cable to work.
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