iPhone car chargers £1.19 @ sainsburys

iPhone car chargers £1.19 @ sainsburys

Found 1st Sep 2013
iPhone car chargers and USB data cable £1.19 from £11.99
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These are junk
Also have wall chargers and data cables - these are just as quick as the iPhone chargers the phone comes with
Cold, already posted and are also for sale in poundland.
Pound land ones are crap
What brand is it ? Can't find it on sainsburys website
For which iPhone???
THIS is the manufacturers web page for this product.
I bought one last week and it's just fine.
My iPad has the lightning connector, so I'll just have to buy a cable for that, it charges my Galaxy S3 very quickly even when it's on Sat Nav duty!
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These are all except iPhone 5 and later. They ARE the same as the Poundland ones. Have had one fail so far (pulsing the power to the phone).
the only thing hot about this is when the charger sets on fire!
You can buy these for a pound and trade them in at Apple against a genuine charger for £6.
Apple are doing a trade in at the moment. Take any non apple charger to an Apple store and they'll give you on of their official ones for £6. Seems like a no brainer to me.
Sorry - £8 not £6. Still good though
Some people have naff better to do than critisize!! I have used all of these for months and are fine..
Can always tell the no life saddos, instead of flipping through, if they see something they dont like the take their "valuable" time to sit typing negative statements...
The make is KIT and like I said its not the same as the pound land ones which is why RRP is £11.99 and not £1!!!! Lol
Nope def not the same as poundland ones ( mates daughter works in our one), you wanna check ya info again lol..And to be honest they all charge my phone faster than original Apple ones!!


That's good..... if you've bought a Poundland one! X)
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