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Posted 23 September 2022

Apple iPhone SE (2020) 2nd Gen 64GB 128GB 256GB Unlocked All Colours - Good - £127.20 with code @ loop_mobile / eBay

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iphone se 64gb unlocked
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    I wouldn't trust loop mobile. Bought an xs from them last year and they kept on sending me badly repaired phones that had non original screens and weren't sealed properly so much so that the rubber seals were coming out of the edges. I ended up asking for refund after the third replacement.
    Strange as I have bought two X's from them and they were perfect. One of them the battery was 100% so must have been renewed, the other 92%
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    Which reputable company makes a phone in 2020 with such a small battery capacity?

    Its tho Apple are intentionally making phones with smaller battery so consumers are forced to buy newer models.

    Surprised Apple is still doing well. If this was Android, phone would have been a flop (edited)
    It’s popular because it’s a good phone, what’s so hard to understand about that? Apple’s SoCs are years ahead of the equivalent Qualcomm chips especially in power efficiency so battery capacities can’t be compared on raw mAh.
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    As a counterpoint to the battery complaints

    I’ve got one as a work phone, mines over a year old

    it gets used for checking emails and some calls and a bit of Spotify And it works fine, I get well over a days usage on it.

    if you want a phone to spend all day scrolling through social media then it might not be the best choice, but if you want a small (by modern standards) phone running iOS to use as a mobile phone this is a good deal.
    Yup the Mrs has one and this is our experience. Good post.
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    These as bad battery wise as is made out?
    Worse. 3 hours screen on if it was new, second hand, good luck. (edited)
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    Trust Loop over ecoutlet anyday of the week, one gets stock direct from Apple other off the back of a lorry
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    It does have its uses my 4 yo is T1 Diabetic so this is a cheap way of ensuring her cgm is connected to a device with the latest software and security. Given all its used for is that the battery is fine.
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    Great phone excellent screen fantastic battery life and lovely company.
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    With all the people buying cheaply made Xiaomi phones that last 6 months, it's rare that a quality product comes along that will last years, at this price.

    Don't let companies from a certain country tempt you with false specification - get an iPhone you can afford and you won't regret it!
    cheaply made Xiaomi phones that last 6 months
    They do have some very cheap phones but they do last. My son's Redmi 7A was £70 and has been fine for him for 2 years.

    I bought their top of the range device (Mi9) for £290 and 3 years later, it's still running brilliantly.

    it's rare that a quality product comes along that will last years
    I like Apple's stuff, but if you want something that will "last years", their entry level phone that's 2 years old and used, probably isn't the best recommendation.
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    If a 2020 phone specs can’t meet public demands and expectations, we need to re-assess our expectations level and needs.
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    I had this phone since release (April 2020) and had to replace the battery in May 2022 (82% capacity) as it just wasn’t able to keep the charge. At £49, I felt this a satisfactory repair cost for essentially 2yrs of continued use.
    The battery change helped return it to typical day one experience, albeit only a sufficient charge for 8hours, barely enough to cover a working shift, let alone waking hours.

    Sadly the phone suffered a logic board malfunction in August 2022 according to the Genius Bar and was deemed not economically viable to repair. I was kindly provided the option of buying a new phone due to the replacement battery warranty having recently expired.

    I’m sure logic board issues are indeed rare and I was unlucky, however for a 2yr old phone it felt somewhat painful. I’m reluctant to get a similar model due to the bad experience and lack of support from the Genius Bar.

    For the price, it continues to be a hard to beat value phone that will be capable of running the iOS updates for the next 2-3yrs, if only the hardware can keep up!
    They're not geniuses.

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    Thanks OP, ordered one for my dad - he currently has a 6 and doesnt like change
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    They come with fake screens 
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    Rather buy an android phone new and half the price, apple are a ripoff even used
    The Samsung S10e could be worth looking at. It's fairly compact, if getting on slightly, but my MiL got one and seems fairly happy with it and it can be found quite cheap (edited)
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    Is it 5G or its 4G?
    Anonymous User
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    Those who cant afford a iPhone complaining about iPhone’s in this thread
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    Great deal. The phone is powerful and capable. I have used it since launch as my work phone. It's good for games as the screen res is so low so the processor runs them really well. The battery is not amazing but it's rare your away from a charger these days be it in the car, office or home. If your really bothered buy a power bank. It charges that small battery very quickly too.

    Bargain at this price, flagship performance processor with living to charge it often. Deal
    Not everyone works in an office.
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    Wrong thread??? Either way you're not right
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    Anonymous User
    So this seller claims to do a 70 point check and has 100% positive feedback yet the iPhone I ordered has a non functioning home button, how does that even happen? 70 point check my arse.

    I ordered the slightly more expensive very good condition one also yet it's covered in scratches and chips, it's average condition at best.

    Not happy at all and now I have to waste my time returning it.
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    Terrible, terrible phone.
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    I may get this as a second phone to not be left out with certain features
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    good price but wouldnt rec buying as battery will cause you endless problems, at this price point get an android
    I got one from loop ad the battery was 100% - the phone was like new
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    Bought a few iPhones from them without issue 
    What condition did you buy and what were they like in reality? Concerned that 'Good' will be quite shabby.
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    Why can’t other forums have a mute feature ? It’s so handy !
    Unsubscribe button?
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    used-good is the worst grade right
    No, used ok then used bad is worse
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    Anonymous User
    No chance when someone else has just posted an X 256GB for £185
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    If they only made SE Plus 5.5 inch with finger print button.
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    Bargain. If your TV is android or you have airplay capabilities or apple tv etc, playing games like genshin impact is pretty amazing.
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    The deal20 code doesn’t seem to work for me 😞