Iphone/USB Car Charger with Twin USB - £1.99 Delivered @ 7dayshop

Iphone/USB Car Charger with Twin USB - £1.99 Delivered @ 7dayshop

Found 13th May 2009Made hot 11th Jul 2009
I did check and couldn't see this one on here. I bought it and it's a very decent quality.

Twin USB, adjustable angle for tricky cigarette lighter sockets (cigar lighter on Jags!) - There was one for 99 cents I think posted, not twin usb or adjustable and delivered from the USA - so a little more for those two benefits and a quicker delivery makes it a good deal..?


Heat added.

I was going to order from ]DealExtreme, didn't like the look of the white one, and the others were all 4-port with mixed reviews and more expensive.

Just what I need for the work PDA and Satnav. Thanks!

Do these actually charge an iphone?

nice find... ordered one... thanks...

Just ordered 4 of these. At this price it's a no-brainer to leave in the car (with a MiniUSB lead) for phone charging.

Bought for me & members of my family.

Do these actually charge an iPhone?

From the product page
Use with Apple iPhone (incl. 3G) and iTouch (incl. 2G), iPod, MP3 players and any other USB chargeable equipment whilst in the car. Plug this unit into your cars (12V or 24V) cigar socket and then simply connect your USB (male) plug into the other end (female) of this unit.

Heat Added!

I got this one a while back and mine makes a really horrible high-pitched squealing noise that's noticeable even on the motorway. (Although it seems to calm down when both sockets are used.)

Hopefully it's just mine, but it didn't inspire confidence on build quality. Not really worth the postage to return it and find out, but I'd be interested if others get a better experience!

Could do with these, hate it when my phone dies when out and about! heat+

Brilliant, can now charge my TomTom and iPhone at the same time in the car. Cheers!

Heat and rep for a good deal!

they sell these in most pound shops. guess what. for a pound

Got one of these a couple of weeks ago, and just been using it whilst camping over the weekend.

Great for a couple of quid, and I can confirm it definitely charges an iPhone 3G

(also, I haven't noticed any high-pitched noise on mine…)

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No Phil Collins on your iphone then

Yes charges my meek Iphone 2g without whine or anything.

heat and rep added. Thanks Lakeside

it is a decent quality product .mine came yesterday. one of the usb sockets were slightly bent inwards but easily fixable. the plastic casing feels solid and doesn't smell like some other cheap pastics.
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