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Hideout: Early Reading Game for iPhone / iPad / Mac - FREE @ App Store

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Single IAP (Workshop Area) is FREE too.

Hideout teaches early reading skills using research-based principles and applications, presenting phonic patterns used in context within an expansive set of captivating (and a little silly) mini-games:

-AP (It's stormy and windy outside. Tap the cap and map to zap them away!)

-OP (Visit the pop shop to pop the popcorn til it reaches the top of the bucket!)

-IT (Hit the rocks to split them into bits so they fit into the pit!)

-ET (Catch the pets in the net so they don't get wet; then load them onto a jet!)

-EN (Move the ten hens into the pen where ten men can feed them!)

-AG (Drage the rags into the bags, and then tag each bag!)

-UB (Scrub and rub each cub in the tub until it's clean!)

-IP (Dip the chips and watch the dip drip as you feed the little guys.)

-OCK (Visit the dock to knock over the towers of blocks and rocks, and then put them into the socks!)

-ACK (The snacks are arriving on a track. Stack them on a rack!)

-IN (The pictures arrive in a bin. Pin them each to the wall, and then spin them away!)

-UG (Tug the plug from each jug so the bug can crawl free!)

Letters, sounds, and phonic patterns are introduced and practiced in contexts that are playful and appealing to children, yet give meaning and purpose to the skills they learn. Children practice purposefully sequenced skills and identify word patterns, learning to recognize the words so they can read about what they do and observe. The contexts and activities keep children engaged with constant variety in the way they present and illustrate word meanings. Each captures children’s interest and invites them to read and create words that describe or explain it. Developed at Brigham Young University by those who created and administer the Systematic and Engaging Early Literacy (SEEL) classroom program, Hideout replicates the kind of interactive face-to-face lessons that are taught by SEEL teachers and available on the SEEL website (education.byu.edu/seel).

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    I take it this is American English?
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    How do you get the free IAP
    Not shure, propably somwhere in the app.
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    Moderator blocked for me deal editing so i will add pictures in here:

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    I downloaded it but get no sound.
    Check if you have your phone on silent (the switch on the top left side of an iPhone for example)
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    An annoyingly rubbish app. No sound (the web address they offer to find out how to get sound is broken), no instructions, too little variety and it isn't actually free. Terribly repetitive too - don't bother!
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