Ipod Classic 80gb for £130.70 delivered plus 6% quidco £123 total maybe less depending on quidco tracking normally £159

Ipod Classic 80gb for £130.70 delivered plus 6% quidco £123 total maybe less depending on quidco tracking normally £159

Found 6th Apr 2008
Well i used the additions 20% off code and tracked via quidco for 6% to make this this price it may be more on the quidco if they use the £159 price rather than the total price paid i worked out the 6% on the 127.30 price thats £7.60 but if tracked on £159 it will be £9.54

And 3.50 postage forgot to mention


why this not hot?

might help if u put the usual RRP and therefore show how much ur saving... ie WHY it is a hot deal.

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dont know i noticed a lot of cold voting but at this price even on ebay at £140 would sell like hot cakes



why this not hot?

Probably something to do with there being a fairly high probability Littlewoods will charge the price listed above (having given you the 20% discount), then realise some months later, you weren't entitled to it, so will charge you the remainder of the full price.

Great deal but read this if you get one
Product Details

Product Description
The possibilities are endless with the sixth generation of the Apple?s legendary iPod range, the iPod classic. Following on from the fifth generation iPod, the iPod classic has all the same functions as its predecessor, but with an improved, easier-to-use interface. In keeping with the iPod tradition, the iPod classic has both audio and video functions, a very large storage capacity and unprecedented battery life, all packed into a stylish, 100% metal case. Its 80 GB memory holds up to 20,000 music tracks and is the ideal solution for saving your favourite digital entertainment applications. Plus, it delivers great sound quality and has a 2.5? LCD screen for your listening and viewing pleasure. The interface now features the Cover Flow function, which displays all the album covers of each music track, making it very easy to flip through your entire library. Of course, the iPod classic can also play Podcasts, audio books and video games (available for download from the iTunes Store).Finally, the slimline and lightweight iPod classic has an unbelievable 30 hours of battery life when fully charged (in music mode)!The iPod classic is sure to sweep you off your feet!

Customer Reviews

great little player, but avoid ipod software update 1.02 like the plague
I got this ipod about 3 weeks ago, worked like a charm. I've previously bought the 2nd generation ipod nano 8gb, and after loosing that one like a muppet I bought this one as a replacement. Great sound quality, functionality was as you would expect, ok accessories etc etc.

Then i upgraded the software to version 1.02 and a few days later it started crashing and now is stuck on reboot, and ive been told it's nothing less than an expensive paper weight now.

I give it 3 stars because of this problem, a problem that many ipod classic users have. So whilst i do recomend this ipod, think twice before intalling any

Ive had no problems with my ipod on that version. With each update the cover flow feature has got more smooth.
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