ipod cube docking station £17.99 instore black or white

ipod cube docking station £17.99 instore black or white

Found 31st Jul 2008
I got a docking station for ipod from sainsburys for 17.99 made by red. get it in white or black.

fits most ipods, docks and charges them, plays songs threw the speaker has radio and a aux in, can use ipod as the alarm. also comes with a remote

will upload a pic of it in the next post


docking station for ipod with 7 adapters
alarm clock radio - wake to radio ipod or buzzer
charges ipod while docked
snooze function
pll turning fm radio with 20 sation presets
speaker out put 4.5w rms
30.5mm aux line in jack
remote control
mains ac adapter

ipod nano 2nd gen aluminuim 2 4 8gb only
ipod nano 1st gen 1 2 4 gb only,
ipod 5th gen video 30 60 80gb only
ipod 4th gen colour display 20 30 40 60gb only
ipod 4th gen 20 40gb only
ipod 3rd gen 10 15 20 30 40 via inline jack only
ipod 1st gen 5 10 20 via inline jack only
ipod mini 1st gen 4 6gb only


black or white
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Does the remote control the ipod as well, or just the functions of the clock/radio/volume? If it can be used to FF/REW and select tracks then this would be a fantastic bargain.
Been posted before here:


Were down to 15 quid a while back, but I returned mine because the light in standy was too bright at night. MIght suit someone else though
Why would someone buy a quality item like an ipod then play your music back through this mono junk?
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