iPod Dock Alarm Clock was £19.99 now £12.99

iPod Dock Alarm Clock was £19.99 now £12.99

Found 29th Aug 2008
FM radio.
Snooze function.
Wake to radio/buzzer/iPod.
24 hour clock.
Size (H)13, (W)12, (D)12cm.
MP3 direct dock - Made for iPod.
Digital tuner.
Adjustable sleep timer.
LCD display.

OK, so this isn't going to give reference level sound quality - it's an Alba - but to wake up to your own choice of tune on your iPod I don't think the price can be bettered. I also like its relatively small form factor - handy if, like me, your bedside cabinet doesn't have a lot of space on it.

Compatible with most models but not the latest gen I think - check before you buy.

Comes with AC adaptor and also has battery back up (3 or 4 AA size I think - haven't used it).

And yes, in case anyone is in any doubt, the unit will charge the iPod.

Limited availability.
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Looks like it might not even be worth £10. Anyone had one of these?
I want something like this but with a big LED display instead of an LCD display

sound quality is bound to be shocking, probably sounds like a ringtone coming out of your phone
£19.99 on website?
looks ok,

im looking to get a dock for my 3g iphone but need 1 that charges it as well.
stating £19.99 on website not £12.99 what's going on?
I have one, Its ok, Its good for waking up to your music in the morn
Downside LED display is not permantly lit so you have to hit the sleep button to display which is a bit chunky and makes quite a loud click therefore wakes up my light sleeping partner
Erm, maybe a mistake?. Argos £19.99. Perhaps you meant Tesco Direct? Its £12.97 there.
Buy two, use the £5 off voucher, and return the second maybe? Would be £7.97 then.

Ah, just noticed the OP is 3 weeks old, maybe Argos put the price up?
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