iPod / MP3 Micro FM Transmitter - £7.99 delivered !
iPod / MP3 Micro FM Transmitter - £7.99 delivered !

iPod / MP3 Micro FM Transmitter - £7.99 delivered !

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Play FMT-1 iPod / MP3 Micro FM Transmitter (Pink) is reduced to £7.99 @ Play.com !

Description : Full-frequency FM transmitter - allows playback of iPod, MP3 player, CD player or other device having a standard 3.5mm stereo headphone socket via any FM radio. Compliant with the European Union's CEPT regulation for short-range devices.

Features : Transmits on any frequency between 87.5 and 108.0 MHz to avoid interference | Large LCD display with blue backlight | PLL technology ensures stable drift-free reception | Three memory presets for most-used frequencies | Automatically stores last used frequency to avoid retuning | Temperature display | Time display | Built-in mini torch | Powered by 2 x AAA batteries or supplied car adaptor | Range: >15m | Current: 38mA | Voltage: 3v DC | Effective radiated power: 50nW | Channel separation: 65dB | Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz | Output frequency: 87.5 - 108.0 MHz | Dimensions: 76 x 44 x 25mm | Weight (exc. batteries): 55g


Only in PINK :w00t: Well I suppose it can be hidden under a book or something. Not one to put on show! Voted hot anyway, as there might be some pinkies out there.

Does anybody know if these are any good??


Does anybody know if these are any good??

I bought a Belkin one, after trying a cheaper alternative, both were poor. It is difficult to get a free place on the wave length, and even then stations come in on top of what is playing. I've gone back to using portable speakers.
Some Goodmans car stereos have a line-in that accepts MP3 players.

Thanks for the pointer edi and info all


Does anybody know if these are any good??

I bought 2 of the black and white versions of these from Savastore a while back.

They work very well in my car on a frequency of 106.00mhz but not so well in my wife's older car. Could be down to how good your in car audio equipment is?

I drive all over the country and very rarely have cause to change from this frequency.

The best ones by far are those from SVP. No problems at all with mine :thumbsup: They looked at these things a couple of weeks ago on 'Gadget Show' (Channel FIVE), despite the ones they looked at costing more, none of them seemed to match the one i have in terms of functionality and quality ...

Having said that Ive just ordered the pink one from PLAY for the wife, so itll be interesting to see how they compare ...


Does anybody know if these are any good??

I've got one of these (in white) and it's an absolute piece of crap! - lot of hissing and very weak bass signal - basically rubbish sound is what you're going to get from it.

I listen to metal music which is, according to what lot of people say, louder than any noise and I can still hear the hissing noise when I use this transmitter. It went straight to the bin after first use.

I've got another excellent FM transmitter that gives excellent sound but still with some hissing - which seems to be a problem with all FM transmitters.

I now use a cassette adapter (a cheap one that I picked from B&Q!) which works extremely well. Not sure what I'm going to do if my next car doesn't have a cassette player but I'll enjoy my current setup till then ;-)

macallay FM cup is the one to get, on pcworld business that is only £28. and worth it check its report on the gadget show

I got one of these and its very poor in both my wife's Audi and my VW. I also got quite an expensive transmitter for my iPod and it was no better. Lots of hissing and low volume.

Best solution for me was a Dension hard wired interface between the VW radio and the iPod. The radio thinks the iPod is an external CD changer. Works very well and the sound is outstanding. Not cheap though.

I've got one from Ebay that was about £10 six or so months ago and I never get any interference with it and my ariel sometimes isn't all that good at getting signal i.e. it doesn't always pick up radio 1 when I do the auto scan. But even so it has never let me down, and it does get a lot of use.

Look out for it on ebay, it's white, a charger and a holder that plugs into your lighter. You get about 4 different station switches to choose from.
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