iPod / MP3 Micro FM Transmitter (Black or Pink) - £9.99 delivered

iPod / MP3 Micro FM Transmitter (Black or Pink) - £9.99 delivered

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Found 13th Nov 2006
Check out this handy FMT-1 iPod / MP3 Micro FM Transmitter available in Black or Pink for just £9.99 delivered from Play.com!

Description: Full-frequency FM transmitter - allows playback of iPod, MP3 player, CD player or
other device having a standard 3.5mm stereo headphone socket via any FM radio.

Compliant with the European Union's CEPT regulation for short-range devices.


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Here it is in Black with a few extra details


[*]Transmits on any frequency between 87.7 and 108.0 MHz to avoid interference
[*]Large LCD display with blue backlight
[*]PLL technology ensures stable drift-free reception
[*]Automatic search function
[*]Three memory presets for most-used frequencies
[*]Automatically stores last used frequency to avoid retuning
[*]Temperature display
[*]Time display
[*]Range: >15m
[*]Current: 38mA
[*]Voltage: 3v DC (2 x AAA batteries)
[*]Effective radiated power: 50nW
[*]Channel separation: 65dB
[*]Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
[*]Output frequency: 87.7 - 108.0 MHz
[*]Dimensions: 76 x 44 x 25mm
[*]Weight (exc. batteries): 55g[/LIST]

These are great, but one word of warning, they eat batteries So use good rechargeables.

Can't see from this if it is possible to fit a car adaptor for power, but most do have this facility.


Great price, thanks Cat

Thanks for this Cat

Thanks johnnypanic for the battery info ;-)

You can get a similar item here:


For £2.78 + delivery. They are a wholesale place, so charge you £8.00 initial postage, bringing it out to £10.78. However, you can get any number you want for £2.78 each + only £8.00 delivery, so if you wanted to get say one for yourself and a friend, it would only be £13.56, or £6.78 each. The more you buy the cheaper it gets!

You could buy half a dozen for about £25 and sell the rest on ebay for a profit. I rarely pay for wee gadgets these days. I always just buy in bulk and get for free!

Oh, and they're a bunch of good guys with good service when I've used them in the past.

Have a check on ebay/Amazon too. Usually comes with USB/car power adapter and sometimes includes rechargeable batteries. :thumbsup:
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