iPod nano silicone skin only £1 each!!!

iPod nano silicone skin only £1 each!!!

Found 21st Sep 2006
I searched the forum but hadn't seen this posted before.

I was in Tesco's last night and couldn't believe they were selling these iPod nano skins for only a pound each!!! I oviously couldn't resist so i bought a couple. I am awaiting my nano to arrive as part of a student deal online so i haven't yet seen how they fit but for the sake of a pound i'll not complain.

They also cover the click wheel too so i was very impressed

I would guess they are made to fit the old style nano just incase you are wondering!!!

I have attched a pic i took using me mobile, they look the job if you ask me...grab em quick!!!

- planet2sky


Spotted them as well. Just not the nanos, there were skins for 4th Gen photo Ipod too..

Thanks boxblu

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Here is another pic i took of the packaging if it helps you find them!!!


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I have a 4th gen at the mo. Didn't see them at my local would have bought one of them too!!! really can't go wrong for a pound, can ya?

cheers edi

Ive seen similar covers in poundland for the same price (obviously!)

Thanks for that ]boxblu, let us know how you get on with that when you get your Nano.
Anyone else got one of these for their 4th or even 5th Gen?
Let us know how you get one with them if you do, are they worth the £1?
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