** Ipod Portable Speaker!!! ** 3.74 Argos

** Ipod Portable Speaker!!! ** 3.74 Argos


Does it works with iPhone 4?

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not sure mate, it just says ipod on the website.


Yes these will work via the 3.5mm jack on any iphone, the cable is supplied in the box, so you just plug & go, they are compact and decent sound. ALso if you have a adapter that has variable connections on which you can later the voltage, you can run these of the mains as only 5v, adapter should cost a few quid new of fleabay
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Just reserved two of these for the kids and then realised they are the cheap and nasty unbadged £3 ones that HomeBargain were doing last year. OK for the price but only 1w per channel output and won't "fill the room with sound". Won't be going ahead with my Argos reservation. No wonder they've still got stock left. Probably because once people had payed £15 and saw how bobbins they were they all got returned.
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