Ipod Shuffle 4GB (3rd generation) in-store @ Morrisons

Ipod Shuffle 4GB (3rd generation) in-store @ Morrisons

Found 3rd Nov 2010
4GB Ipod Shuffle

3rd generation - i.e. the taller, thinner one that's recently been replaced.

Seen instore in Sheffield today. Choice of colours - green, silver, black.

I expect there to be lots of comments about the how these aren't as good as Nano's or million and one other music players or that they can only be used with Apple headphones etc etc. However, just thought they weren't a bad buy for anyone who might appreciate the size and simplicity of them, for example for using at the gym or for a younger child?

Previous price marked as £45 so its a 35% saving and cheaper than anything that came up on a quick Google search. It's also a 50% saving on the £59.99 they still seem to be selling them for at Argos, Sainsburys and quite a few others.

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