Ipod Touch 32GB 4G £220 + £25 free iTunes Voucher @Asda
Ipod Touch 32GB   4G £220 + £25 free iTunes Voucher @Asda

Ipod Touch 32GB 4G £220 + £25 free iTunes Voucher @Asda

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Picked up an Ipod Touch 32 GB 4G for just £220 with a free £25 iTunes Voucher.
The vouchers are free when sold with any iPod Touch (I don't think they're sold with any other iPods)

Rare. Took me a while to find an Asda which stocked them. Stratford have 6 as of 8pm today (17th)


fantastic if u can find one, hot from me

Got mine on Tuesday, same deal. Bargain. My local saved me mine until I could there. Great service.

Good price, or they do the 8gb version for £167, also with the voucher, which is the one i went for

This was the deal I wanted, but out of stock in every store I tried. The brief time one was in store, they refused to reserve it for me - grr!

The hassle I've had trying to buy one of these things at a reasonable price is incredible. Comet had loads in stock at £224, but their reserve and collect deal is tied into a stupid free docking station. The ipods are in stock at every store, but the docking stations aren't and they refused to sell them separately. What a con!

Tried to get John Lewis to price match Asda (although they don't do the iTunes voucher), but the guy told me it takes their sales department up to 48 hours to confirm a price match. Argh!!

Luckily Argos saved the day - they've reduced their 32Gb Touch to £229, so I've reserved one there.

got one from comet for 224 with a free speaker (which gets decent reviews)

could have had it delivered for free on the 23rd but didnt want to risk it not coming so paid about a fiver for delivery on the 20th.

I got the last 32GB one left in Watford. They weren't sure if it came with a free £25 iTunes voucher but she scanned it to check and it came in free. Seems like a pretty good deal to me. Not sure if it's still on anymore as the price on the ASDA website has gone up.

had these in the motherwell asda aswell but no 8gb just 32gb when i checked for anyone interested

no speakers at comet any more, up to £75 off the bose docking station is the deal now.

instock online but doesnt mention free itunes voucher?

just got one from asda newton abbot price said £220 bundle deal which was £25 itune voucher also had 8g in stock

been tryin to get the £25 voucher deal around chester an north wales coulnt find any left... but my son got me it 4 xmas he lives in slough... hope this helps...

is this deal still on? with the voucher?

voucher deal is still on, picked a 8gb one up today, the £25 voucher is for any of the latest ipod touches

Wonder if this was just a pre-Christmas deal or if it will continue for a short while - I couldn't find a 32gb one anywhere

Anyone know if this deal is still going on? Ta!

Spoke to a few stores this morning who confirm that the deal still is on but they have no stcok and haven't had any delivered since the week before Christmas. They seem to think that it was a limited promotional supply from Apple and as such are unsure if anymore will arrive.

Is this insore only?

Original Poster

it was instore only.
not sure if the offer is still valid though

Cant get these for love nor money anywhere in Belfast area - anyone seen any in stock recently???
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