iPod Touch / iPhone / Latest ipods AV Composite cables - from £19.99 in-store @ Gamestation

iPod Touch / iPhone / Latest ipods AV Composite cables - from £19.99 in-store @ Gamestation

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LocalFound 1st Mar 2008
Was in Game Station today in Bristol having a look around when I spotted the composite and component cable sets, the genuine Apple ones, for £19.99 a pop!!

For those not in the know, if you want to hook your new iPod Touch or iPhone or the new ipods to your tv you will need a new type of cable to do so which connects to the dock connector of your ipod.

These retail at £35 else where and even on Kelkoo.co.uk the cheapest is John Lewis at £35 (which is the same price as Apple online).

Plus, I didn't know this, but both cable sets come with an Apple USB power adapter which retails at £25 on it's own!! Bargain!

I got one and have used it and it works (obviously) so just thought I would share this for anyone interested, it really is a very good price as I have been hunting for a cheap set for some time now on ebay and other sites but to no avail.

Just so you know, this was in the Games Station in Broadmead, Bristol. It was in an Apple display case so I am assuming it will be in all game stations that sell the Apple iPods. It's not an offer either, Just a straight up £19.99 for something which should cost £35.

Couldn't see it online so seems like it's only available in store.
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I don't understand why this has a minus temperature already!

Let me re-iterate...

Normal price = £35 even on the net, even on ebay.

This price I found = £19.99 in a shop!

saving = £15.01

It's a genuine Apple item as well!
Why is the temp this minus?

Whats wrong with the item itself?

Why do people vote minus for something and not leave an explaination ?
Added "from £19.99 in-store @ Gamestation" to title. Please see the links in my signature for help on posting deals. Welcome to HotUKDeals! Thanks!
Don't worry, all deals go cold before going hot.
It's hot now and I've just added to it.
Why cold? Maybe it’s because if you have one of the numerous docking stations you can just use any old phono cable @ least with the video Ipods. I haven’t voted, so don’t jump on me :thumbsup: Just trying to make some sense of the cold votes
That's the thing,

On all previous model ipods that had photo or video capability, a set of 3.5mm to 3 phono leads worked fine, just put the red connector into the yellow port to get video.

But with the new iPods, that is, the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Nano 3rd Gen, and iPod classic, the headphone port doesn't carry a video signal anymore. The video is routed through the dock connector, and no, the previous video docks with remotes don't work.

That is why this is such a bargain. I watched Team America off my iPod Touch last night and I can see why they opted for re-routing the signal through the dock connector. The Video quality is INSANE!! as in very very good.

Plus, you get an Apple USB charger with it at no extra cost! nice one.


Ps. The video out option works for: Slide shows, Video playback AND YouTube play back. At least on the iPod Touch
Hmmm is this offer no longer valid?

Just telephoned the Bournemouth branch about the Composite cables, and was quoted a price of £34.99... which is pretty much the same overpriced amount Apple charge for them :-(

the price difference between Apple pricing (which is usually so well controlled even at other retailers) and this £20 price, almost makes the latter seem like a mistake.
Did they have any left as might pop down tomorrow to get one. Oh and where abouts is gamestation in town?
ummm well like I said Im in Bournemouth/phoned Bournemouth store. They had a composite cable at the standard apple price of £35. So not much of a deal really!

if you want to find your local store, you can get it here I would imagine
Hi Guys,

Sorry i left this so long. I was in game station a few weeks back and I seen that they had them price at the full fat £19.99. I asked and they said they had mis priced them around the time I had bought them. I knew it was too good a deal, sorry for anyone who rushed out to get, but i did post it on the day I bought it.

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