Ipod Touch Reduced !!! £149 @ Apple
Ipod Touch Reduced !!! £149 @ Apple

Ipod Touch Reduced !!! £149 @ Apple

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The 8gb ipod touch has been reduced by £20 to become £149
and the 16gp has now been upgraded to 32gb for £229
and the 32gb has been upgraded to 64gb for £299

These are the newest updated versions

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8GB ipod is now £149 btw

Why are people voting this cold? :?

At least have the decency to give the OP a reason .. if it's price then let others that ARE looking to buy an ipod touch know, that then gives them the chance to save some money. :thumbsup:

Cold 'anonymous' votes are pathetic :whistling:

I guess the cold votes are because this isn't much of a deal and is pretty much common knowledge to bargain hunters.

I agree though, it's you're going to vote cold then try and justify it.

tesco are doing them with a voucher needed for £143-£144 i think posted yesterday:)

buying direct form apple store is always expensive that why is so cold!


buying direct form apple store is always expensive that why is so cold!

Not necessarily, as Apple control retail prices very closely, and their quidco is actually better than most other retailers.

However, details of the new Touches and the Apple store deals were posted here a few days ago...and repeat posts are nearly always cold, regardless of how good the deal actually is.

A good price i think,love my i pod touch,bought it for £120 in as new condition from Amazon a few wks ago

Dude where have you been these price changes happened on wednesday evening this is sooooooooooooo last week


i voted cold because ipods are about 75% expensive

Is it just e or does that sentence not make sense?

Mr-Brett v1.1;6283372

Is it just e or does that sentence not make sense?

It's not just ou! ;-)


Why are people voting this cold? :?:

I know Apple and their products are quite unpopular, they have a bit of a stigma and people just love to hate them.

I haven't voted myself, but understand from the thread that this is a normal sort of price, not a bargain.

This is RRP, and other places are already selling it for less, that is why this is cold.

Apple did announce a price reduction for the new touch generation which have the lasted, improved software. The newly released 8GB touch now retails at £149.00. These are not a reduced priced previous generation.

There will always be retail and e-tailers taking advantage by reducing the older model price to £149.00 without stating it's the previous generation they are selling. If you by from apple you'll get the up to date, faster version (assuming you're not after a refurb.) Anyone who actually believes only the 16GB & 32GB has been improved should research further or simply speak to apple.
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