IQ Teaser Ring (Set of Seven) £2

IQ Teaser Ring (Set of Seven) £2

Found 11th Apr 2008
- Teaser Ring - Mini Mixed 7
- Included seven different styles of mini teaser rings
- Good for creative thinking & improve both your IQ & EQ
- You can compete with your friends to solve all for a dinner
- Hints: Take a Break & Retry it
- Functions: decoration, brain training, home and office fun

looks a bit of fun and got pretty good reviews.

Please say why if u vote cold because I cant see anything wrong with it for £2
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Price: starstarstar
Ease of Use: starstarstarstarstar
Build Quality: starstarstarstar
Usefulness: starstarstarstar
Overall Rating: starstarstarstar

Pros: It makes you think. The build quality is actually pretty good. Did not break when I forced it.It is fun to play with. Solved them all. All of them were solvable.

Cons: I thought it was bigger. Came in a very small package.There are no solutions or tips, some people may not find how to solve them.Some the puzzles came separated.

Other Thoughts: Great as a gift.It can be entertaining when there is nothing to do. I saw bigger versions of these in stores and they are more expensive than this. Yet they were of the same puzzles.

Bottomline: People should buy it. Trains your brain a bit.

Price: starstarstarstarstar
Ease of Use: starstarstarstarstar
Build Quality: starstarstarstar
Usefulness: starstarstarstarstar
Overall Rating: starstarstarstarstar

Pros: Very usefull if you want to train your brains. Build quality pretty is good for this price. It can be a perfect gift for your friends!

Cons: Some of them are really hard to solve, but really it's not a cons. You can find some instructions in the internet.

Other Thoughts: You can act cool in parties when you are the one, who knows how those teaser rings can be solved

Bottomline: You have to be really smart if you want to solve teaser rings. For this cheap price it's a perfect purchase! Found those items costs 2x more in local store!

Price: starstarstarstar
Ease of Use: starstarstar
Build Quality: starstarstarstar
Usefulness: starstarstar
Overall Rating: starstarstarstar

Pros: -The metal is pretty sturdy, cant be really forced open

-The package doesn't show instructions. I'm guessing thats a pro? or else it wouldn't be fun

- great time consuming little thing

-a lot of different types

Cons: -package came really broken...

-smaller than i thought

-takes time and is actually quite frustrating

- once you've figured it out, it won't be fun anymore

Other Thoughts: -great to use with family and friends and outsmart them =D

- sometimes you'd just wish it came with instructions

Bottomline: get em. great fun . good price

Price: starstarstarstarstar
Ease of Use: starstarstar
Build Quality: starstarstar
Usefulness: starstarstar
Overall Rating: starstarstarstar

Pros: Lots of puzzles for a cheap price. Very fun if you enjoy these sorts of things. Plus, the descriptions on the back are hilarious.

Cons: 4 of the 7 puzzles use the same gimmick, so once you've solved one the rest are easy. Many of the puzzles are made of thin wire, and so it is easy to "cheat" by bending the metal. No solutions provided.

Other Thoughts: My girlfriend hated these, as she found them frustrating. Therefore, before giving them as a gift, make sure that the recipient enjoys solving such puzzles.

Bottomline: Good deal on cheap amusement.
It's a shame people vote cold without letting us know why after someone has put the effort in to post what they feel is a good deal
after reading through all that gumpf I'm so dissapointed its not a Tazer ring:thinking:
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