Iqua Solar BHS-603 SUN Bluetooth Headset was £48.89 now £15.99 @ Argos
Iqua Solar BHS-603 SUN Bluetooth Headset was £48.89 now £15.99 @ Argos

Iqua Solar BHS-603 SUN Bluetooth Headset was £48.89 now £15.99 @ Argos

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Seems to retail at anything from £23 to about £50 elsewhere on the net.

Have checked stock and there is some in a couple of Bristol stores and in the south west area.
Item number: 546/6175.

Iqua SUN - Bluetooth® Wireless Headset

Iqua SUN - the first solar-powered Bluetooth headset in the world. This wireless headset has got a photovoltaic cell that uses any available light - outdoors and indoors - to charge itself and extend the operation times of the headset. After all, why use electricity when you have the sun?

Additionally, you can answer or end a call, redial and use voice dial and even switch the call between phone and your headset using a single button! With Iqua SUN, you can enjoy a crystal clear sound and wireless VOIP calls, at your convenience.

This innovative and groundbreaking combination of science and style led the Iqua SUN to be selected as an Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Award honoree in the Wireless Handsets Accessories product category. Iqua is proud to see itself leading the way in promoting environmental awareness in the mobile technology industry.

Review here seems to suggest its pretty decent unless its windy for obvious reasons: tech-reviews.co.uk/rev…et/


Dont Forget Quidco

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Euuurgh! No ear hook! One of these daft plug-it-in-your-ear things that never fit properly. Good deal if you have the right size ear hole! Voted hot for the price but don't like them!

What is the average time to fully charge based based on an "average" day of daylight? :?

Edit : always sceptical with solar stuff like this, especially when it says "rechargeable adapter included"!....

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Review seems to suggest an ear hook.


[QUOTE=mywife;6459189]Review seems to suggest an ear hook.

Good. Consider "Euuurgh!" retracted :roll:


Review seems to suggest an ear hook.

Looked like a good idea to me but at orange.co.uk "No ear hook ensures comfort"

and on Amazon one review says:
" I can't imagine how it an hold without ear hook, but..."

but the other says:
"The little ear loop broke"

So the answer is it might come with an earloop, but if it does it'll break and you can't replace it. Also (according to Amazon review) the battery dies unless you leave it on the dash/carseat to charge - sounds like a good way to get the window smashed.

I'll pass - I'm stil looking for a functional cheapy with decent battery life and a USB charging socket. . Anybody got any suggestions?
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