IRISTA - 10GB free photo still storage from Canon

IRISTA - 10GB free photo still storage from Canon

Found 7th Jun 2014
Canon is offering a new site called Irista that offers 10GB free photo storage - register using a Facebook/Microsoft/Yahoo/G+/Canon account

" Enjoy 10 GB storage.

Store unlimited file size, any file type from JPEG to RAW, uncover your Mementos, sharing to social sites, 4 filters to manage your collection, plus organisation tools."

They also have a 50GB/100GB package if you want to pay to upgrade
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10gb is pretty sweet. Signed up.
Looks a lot like the Adorama cloud storage to me but I still signed up.

Impressed that it recognised my Oly RAW file too.
Good find...doesn't seem to work well with iPad though, anyone experienced any issues? Desktop works fine.
Yeah it's very iPhone unfriendly at the moment too I joined the beta for this, it was called Project1709 then. Fingers crossed there's a mobile app inbound soon.
Another image host is only good for users
fine on android. cool finf
how is it better than Flickr for example?

what I know is Flickr offers a massive 1TB, but does not take my RAW files.
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