Iristag (keyfinder, leash) £6.29 delivered or 33% off that price for three @

Iristag (keyfinder, leash) £6.29 delivered or 33% off that price for three @

Found 10th Jul 2017
This seems to be a pretty good buy price wise
The main point seems to be that they only work with Android phones running exactly Bluetooth 4 (not earlier or later) but (apparently) all recent IOS version 7 or later. Not sure that this can be right.
Also battery life may be short.
  • Wireless Phone & Key Finder
  • Proximity Alarm
  • Wireless Leash
  • Smart Parking
  • GPS Location Marking
  • GPS Location and Retrieval (Must be connected to a mobile network)
  • Remote Camera Shutter Control
  • Remote Voice Recording
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Although the manufacturer iristags seems to have been around for a while, their domain name has expired and their twitter hasn't been updated since 2015. This leads me to think that the manufacturer no longer exists. Just a word of warning.
smart parking?

smart parking?

Leave it in your car then you can find your car later in case you forgot where you parked.

I'd call that feature dumb parking, smart parking is remembering where you left something which probably cost many thousands of pounds.
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Reviews here don't look promising (but only 3 reviews, I admit).
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