iRiver S1 Mickey Mouse MP3 Player, 1GB, White £9.95 @

iRiver S1 Mickey Mouse MP3 Player, 1GB, White £9.95 @

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Posted over a month ago at £15, thought I'd highlight it again now it's dropped in price another fiver! Seems a neat little player. I like the seperate volume and track skip functions, one on each lobe :-D

Product Information

No bigger than a ping pong ball, this cute Mickey Mouse MP3 player is childs play to use: twist one ear to alter the volume, the other to skip forward or back a track. And weighing only 17g, you can slip him in your pocket or bag and forget hes there.

With 1GB capacity theres room for 240 songs. You can transfer your music easily via USB, as well as top up the rodents rechargeable battery. A full charge gives up to 8 hours of listening pleasure.

Key Features

Accessories USB cable

Battery life Up to 8 hours

Brand IRiver

Capacity 1GB

Guarantee FREE 1 year guarantee, extend to 3 years £35

Plays formats MP3, WMA

Power supply Lithium polymer rechargeable battery

Transfer method USB

Weight 17g

System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista operating system.


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I suspect this is one of those 'love it' or 'hate it' designs!

I bought one of this back in Christmas fon ebay from Hong Kong (around £15 ) and they look really nice, but I think mine must have been either fake or a dodgy cheap copy because it was extremely slow to copy the songs (as bad as 20min to copy 100mb or 200mb) and I don't think it had 1gb like they said, also the battery would only last for a maximun of 10min or 15min.

I suppose getting from John Lewis you can't go wrong, they would not be selling copies and in any case if you have a problem you could always take it back.

Just another thing about this.

If you really fill this up with 1gb of songs you will struggle to find the song that you want, you can not choose which song to play, you can only press the next or previous arrow, so if you have 500 songs and you want to listen to the 1st and the 300 you wll have to click the next song 300 times.

I guess this is ok for small kids and to put around 30 or 40 songs.

Heat added for the price

Cheers, i bought one. Going to Florida next month and this is ideal for my 5 year old ... it should keep him occupied for one of the nine hours :whistling:

An extended warranty at 350% of the original price? I wonder how they worked that one out.

sold out :-(


sold out :-(

Ye,s I noticed that , they only had 6 in stock when I checked, one that Cheers bought and the other 5 probably went to people that read this site but ar not members.

You can try ringing the stores they might have them in stock and send them to you with free delivery.

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Gonna keep an eye out for these coming back in stock!

Recieved mine today, fantastic little player. Comes in a thick & chunky Icecube type perspex gift box :thumbsup: Has all kinds of design awards according to the packaging. I can see why these were originally £35 RRP :-D
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