iRiver Story eBook e-Reader from Play.com for £149.99 - free postage
iRiver Story eBook e-Reader from Play.com for £149.99 - free postage

iRiver Story eBook e-Reader from Play.com for £149.99 - free postage

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The iRiver Story eBook e-Reader.

One of the best e-books on the market (rated 5 stars by Stuff magazine apparently), and an absolute bargain at £149.99 with free postage. This is down from £300 RRP.

Cheapest I've seen anywhere else is £180 from Comet, and that is currently out of stock.

Sales pitch and specs below:

The Story uses a revolutionary E-Ink display, which takes no power to display a page - it only consumes energy when you change page. Hence, you can't measure battery life in hours, you use page turns (over 7000 page turns on one charge) In terms of compatibility, it's got all the bases covered. EPUB, PDF & TXT cover the main formats for commercial ebooks, while the Story also displays office files like DOC, PPT & XLS. For comics & graphic novels, JPEG, BMP and GIF image types are supported (8 shade greyscale)

In stark contrast to most eBooks on the market, the Story has a full Qwerty Keyboard, allowing you to modify documents and take notes, use the onboard Diary and scheduler.

It's also audio enabled - with a headphone output and built in speaker, you'll use it for audiobooks, or to play music - a key feature being it's ability to maintain playback while you read a book. You'll also use the integrated voice recorder to take notes or record interviews & lectures.

You'll have plenty of storage too. It has a class-leading 2GB of onboard flash memory, enough for around 1500 eBooks - and that's without using the onboard SD card slot to add as much memory as you require. Just think about the weight of 1500 books, let alone the paper saved by carrying them all in one little electronic device.

Key Features:
6" E-ink Display(800x600), 8 grey scale
E-Book Viewer : EPUB, PDF
Office Viewer : TXT, DOC, PDF,PPT, XLS
Comic Viewer : ZIP(JPEG, BMP, GIF)
Qwerty Keyboard support
Mp3 player, Voice Recorder
SD card slot (SDHC up to 32GB)
2GB NAND built-in
Diary, Memo,Scheduler
External Speaker : 0.6W, mono
USB 2.0 Device


Agreed, to put '(half price)' in the title is misleading.

Original Poster

It was a reference to their own website which states a 50% saving. I'll remove it now though.

Iriver are always the best for format support. The kindle looks pretty restricted from looking on the forums. Bare in mind that the kindle and nook ebook readers have just had their prices slashed in the states. I know that e-ink have an improved display coming out so maybe people are clearing old stock. Support for MS office files looks brilliant, though.

Also in the sale on play is a humax hd freeview recieverfor £149.99 that I bought on release day for the rrp of £180. Guess what play's rrp was..... £250! It has never been on sale anywhere for £250! Someone should really report them to trading standards for that.

this is the non wifi version right? Anyone seen the wifi version on sale anywhere?

How fast are these in loading up PDF's with diagrams and pictures?

£149 at WHSmith with free P+P and 4% Quidco, so total £143.04. They also have the wifi version for £199, so total of £191.04. The new Kindle has shaken everything up though, so may be worth holding off. Would much rather have one of these than a Kindle though, because of djvu support and the fact that iRiver won't delete your content should they feel the need...
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