iriver U10 1GB - Multifunction Player (MPEG4, MP3 etc ....) - £114.94 delivered

iriver U10 1GB - Multifunction Player (MPEG4, MP3 etc ....) - £114.94 delivered

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Found 8th Aug 2006
This is the best price i can find for this iriver U10 1GB -Multifunction Player, just £110.99 plus £3.95 delivery from Bargaincrazy.

Features: MP3 player with 1Gb memory, Revolutionary direct click concept directly on the display, without knobs or buttons (touch screen); High-resolution display with 320x240 (QVGA); Outstanding features: supports MP3, WMA, ASF, OGG Q10, MPEG4 SP videos, JPG photos, texts, flash games; Built-in FM-tuner including recording and alarm function; Dimensions (mm) 69 x 47 x 16


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Good spot ]millarcat


plam-held :-D

Thanks for this Cat:wink:

£114.94 for 1GB? Wow! That's crazy! My 30GB iPod Video only cost me £144! Brand new!

There's always been that difference between the smaller 1/2/4Gb Flash players and the larger Hard Drive based ones (Look at the Nano and the Photo iPods).
The iRiver's have always been a tad more expensive than their counterparts however, but considering the U10 is more feature packed it's well worth it - don't forget it has a touch screen too.

I have an iRiver HP140, and got a HP120 for my brother, the Voice Record capability was worth it alone, let alone the OGG support.
I would love to have generic MPEG 4 support in a player, as well as OGG Q10.
I have to admit that 1Gb just isn't big enough for me though.


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Thanks X10, i dont know much about these myself i just presumed the touch screen made it more appealing. Thanks for all the info in your post

No problem ]millarcat, always glad to offer some information where I can.
Thank you for the post.

This is really overpriced for what it is.

Its cheaper to just get a 1gig memory stick and use it on your phone for videos and mp3, the screen on the iriver aint that big anyway.

An excellent bit of kit, but 1gb is so small today it's unbelievable.

The catch22 is that with a mini hard drive like the ipods in this, it would probably be so much more bulky and lose it's appeal.

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Thanks for all your views and feedback guys/gals
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