Irn Bru 2ltr - 2 for £2!! @ The Co-Operative

Irn Bru 2ltr - 2 for £2!! @ The Co-Operative

Found 31st May 2011
Heads up from dontdothatagain saying they are a quid in tesco just incase you don't have a co-op near you.

That's a lot of 2's in the title... Seems a real nice deal! My brother was going down the shops and gave me the two bottles saying they were 2 for £2 at the co-operative. Nice deal for a quid per bottle, Can't go wrong with that! These bottles are 'make your summer phenomenal' themed so they are brand new up to date bottles, not old stock or anything.
The bottles in the picture are diet and say 1.29 on them, the two I got were original and do not say 1.29 on them so.
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also £1 in Tesco.
Was just watching a show earlier and found out that there is only one country in the world where the most popular fizzy drink isn't Coca Cola and that's Scotland and Irn Bru!
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