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Irn-Bru extra 2 litres 69p @ Heron Foods (Middlesbrough)

Irn-Bru extra 2 litres 69p @ Heron Foods (Middlesbrough)

Posted 28th OctAvailable: South East, South, South West, London, East of England, West Midlands, East Midlands, North West, North East, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland
Not bad for 69p I appreciate it isn't the original but since the sugar tax I can't really tell the difference
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Oooh is the zero sugar one?
billiamgray8228/10/2019 12:24

Wouldn't get away with that now haha

yeah, funny stuff though
The world's too politically correct these days, saying that, it is a bit messed up to ask kids to say those lines.
No heron foods near me but a fab price so heat from me!
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