I,Robot Collector's Two Disc Edition £2.99 delivered at Amazon UK

I,Robot Collector's Two Disc Edition £2.99 delivered at Amazon UK

Found 19th Jul 2010Made hot 28th Jul 2010
I Robot (Collector's Two Disc Edition)

Was £24.99 now £2.99 from Amazon


Good price, also £2 at head entertainment if you can find it

lol, think it was a long, long time since this was £24.99

good film though, even if it does have absolutely nowt to do with the book they took the title from got this version myself and some of the extras are worth a watch too.

If you've read Asimov's "Robot" books, you'll actually be offended by this pile of crap.
I mean...Susan Calvin's a "love interest" for God's sake. She's a brilliant robopsychologist who's NOBODY'S idea of an attractive woman in the books, with an acerbic tongue.
The effects are OK, story's the standard 10 a penny American TV drivel.
Better to have based it on the books, like "Little Lost Robot" where a robot has his first law compromised, and it's a game of wits with the humans to find it, or "Robot AL-76 Goes Astray" which is quite funny.

There was loads of great movie-possible stories and characters to choose from (USRobots troubleshooter engineers Powell and Donovan for instance) but instead - this.
Hollywood even buggered up Bicentenial Man - a novel length Asimov Robot story.

good price, thanks
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