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iRobot Roomba 671 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, WiFi Connected - Black £249.99 @ Amazon
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iRobot Roomba 671 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, WiFi Connected - Black £249.99 @ Amazon

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Posted 4th Nov

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Reduced by around £20 from recent history

  • Features & details
  • 3-Stage cleaning system picks up everything from small particles to large debris, to pet hair
  • The auto-adjust cleaning head automatically adapts its height to keep the dual multi-surface brushes in close contact with different floor surfaces, to effectively clean carpets as well as hard floors
  • Dirt detect sensors recognize concentrated areas of dirt and prompt the robot to clean them more thoroughly

Product Description
The Rooomba 671 is a Wi-Fi connected Smart Robotic vacuum cleaner allows you to operate from remote using a phone or tablet, works with the Alexa & Google voice activated speaker, schedule up to 7 days, with the iAdapt responsive navigation technology this enable the Roomba 691 to find its way around the room, ensuring every area is covered for a complete clean. Navigates under and around furniture and over loose cords without damaging household objects. The Roomba avoids stairs with its built in cliff sensors.IMPORTANT: A) Check the Robot is sitting on the charging dock correctly. B) Ensure the two charging connections underneath on the Robot are clean and free from dirt. C) Make sure the pull tabs have been removed completely before charging the Robot. D) Review the app on your phone/tablet which will show the condition of the battery and percentage charge. Check and ensure the charger is plugged in and switched on at the wall.
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Is it any good? Any one with real experience? Be good to Know
bigton300004/11/2019 10:52

Is it any good? Any one with real experience? Be good to Know

It is good. Stick it in a room and forget about it. Clears up most stuff on both hard surfaces and carpet.

But every month I use a traditional hoover for a deep clean. Also the Roomba needs cleaning every two or three goes (lots of hair in our house!)

I also don't save any time as I'm still occasionally hypnotised by its path finding. I sometimes shake myself awake, realising I've been just sat there for ten minutes watching it scuttle round.
Surely the Eufy RoboVac is better for the price? I know the current promotion has just ended but the Robovac offers 2.5x the suction power of this for normally around the £190 price point. Interested to hear if people have opinions of either because we're in the market for one!
In my view, iRobot is a better make than those vacs made by iLife (eufy, Coredy, Venga, etc).
The added bonus of eufy is that some models can unofficially converted to mopping vacs. I’ve got eufy 11s Max and it is good but lacking functionality (only one schedule for all weekdays). Not sure how better eufy models operate though.
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Had one for about a year, was skeptical at first but wouldn't be without one, come home and the vacuuming is done whilst at work, does occasionally get stuck on one or two pieces of furniture but not often, gets under our sofas and chairs too
I have this model I use it everyday. My carpets and laminate have never looked cleaner. I used to dread having to get the dyson out when the carpets started to get messy but this little bad boy just sets off at 7am every morning and I wake up to perfectly clean floors. Now I just need to get another to do the upstairs (as I’m too lazy to keep taking this one upstairs)
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