Iron Maiden - Flight 666 (2CD) (Soundtrack) £6.99 + Free Delivery @ Bang CD

Iron Maiden - Flight 666 (2CD) (Soundtrack) £6.99 + Free Delivery @ Bang CD

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Found 23rd May 2009
PreOrder for release 25/05/09.

Next cheapest I can find is £8.95

Disc 1

Churchill's Speech (Live In Mumbai 1/2/08)
Aces High (Live In Mumbai 1/2/08)
Minutes To Midnight (Live In Melbourne 7/2/08)
Revelations (Live In Sydney 9/2/08)
The Trooper (Live In Tokyo 16/2/08)
Wasted Years (Live In Monterrey 22/2/08)
The Number Of The Beast (Live In Los Angeles 19/2/08)
Can I Play With Madness (Live In Mexico City 24/2/08)
Rime Of The Ancient Mariner (Live In New Jersey 14/3/08)
Disc 2

Powerslave (Live In San Jose 26/2/08)
Heaven Can Wait (Live In Sao Paulo 2/3/08)
Run To The Hills (Live In Bogota 28/2/08)
Fear Of The Dark (Live In Buenos Aires 7/3/08)
Iron Maiden (Live In Santiago 9/3/08)
Moonchild (Live In San Juan 12/3/08)
The Clairvoyant (Live In Curitiba 4/3/08)
Hallowed Be Thy Name (Live In Toronto 16/3/08)


Finally, something worth while!

I used my BangCD welcome voucher on this, which technically I shouldn't have been able to as it's not valid on pre-order items, but they've made a mistake and not listed the release date of this, so it hasn't registered as a pre-order item.

Yet The Wire DVD sets do because they've put the date they expect them to be back in stock in as the release date.

What a pro outfit their web team is. Fortunately, the back-room appears to be much better as so far I've never had a problem with anything I've ordered from them.

This appears in searches at £7.99, but the product page (and checkout) go through at £6.99.

The front-page says they're doing £1 off everything (which is a lie) until midnight on the 24th, so I'd expect this to go up to £7.99 on Tuesday.
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