Iron Man 2 PS3 £6.99 delivered @ The Hut

Iron Man 2 PS3 £6.99 delivered @ The Hut

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This brand-new tale will take gamers deeper into the Iron Man comic world, adding to the excitement of the upcoming Marvel and Paramount Studios film. Iron Man 2 exclusively offers fans a chance to play against enemies such as the unforgettable Crimson Dynamo, not found in the film. Iron Man 2's original plotline sees Tony Stark gifting the world with new technology in order to make it a better place. However, his philanthropic nature isn't enough to keep the bad guys away as Iron Man's enemies have devious designs on the technology. Ultimately, Tony Stark/Iron Man will be forced to fight in epic battles, face huge enemies and in the end, the fate of the world will be left in his powerful hands where he will battle to save it from destruction.

Iron Man 2 takes players into a richer and more interactive Iron Man world. The game allows players to take full advantage of the Iron Man suit as they battle through futuristic environments inspired by the movie and comic book universe. These environments will also offer a new level of destructibility, making each encounter with enemies a more exciting and intense experience. Also new to the game are some powerful hand-to-hand combat styles one of which is kung fu. Iron Man 2 has taken fan feedback into consideration and will have a redesigned control scheme, making it fun and accessible for gamers to feel the power and strength of Iron Man.


I can't help thinking it is this price for a reason, it's reportedly the WORST PS3 game of the year.

I'll keep my buck thank you very much

360 as well

It's not the worst game of the year but it isn't great. For this price it's worth it and very easy to get all trophys after a couple of playthroughs Easy platinum trophy anyone?

cool i was gonna get 360 version but since the ps3 one is here ill have that. platinum number 13 or 14 for me (depending on if i finish saw before then)

Weapon X

It's not the worst game of the year but it isn't great. For this price … It's not the worst game of the year but it isn't great. For this price it's worth it and very easy to get all trophys after a couple of playthroughs Easy platinum trophy anyone?

Trophies? Really? You'd buy this because it's an easy platinum? What are you, 12?

IGN gave this 5.1 out of 10, it was lucky to get that IMO. Dude get some quality games and forget about trophies, especially if you are just playing easy ones. You're probably one of these guys how've never played MGS4 because it doesn't do trophies.
I guess that's the mentality of people that buy this

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Actually, as film tie-ins go it's not that bad. The graphics are probably the worst bit - sub-PS3 standard with the odd nice looking texture which stands out like a sore thumb.

I've seen a ton of people moan about the controls, but they're responsive and work fine. Took about five minutes to adapt to, tops. It's unspectacular and very, very short but bombastic and OTT - just like most action films.

I only rented it as a punt when I had a free weekend, but it kept me entertained enough to justify the effort. For £40 you'd be nuts to buy it, but if you're an Iron Man fan and don't mind a quick 'n dirty game then £7 is about right. Oh and yes, I did get the platinum, but then I've platted nearly 70 games so I would...

Guys that Platinum games (solely for the trophy) are like members of the T.A. You can't talk to someone who is in the T.A. for more that 10 minutes before they tell you they are in the T.A.

Likewise, you guys have to tell everyone how many Platinums you have. Like we give a ****!

I'm a gamer, I love playing, but I have a life also! Get a girlfriend dude. 70 Platinums? Open the curtains and let some air at your spots.

ps. If you are a 13 year old kid, I'm sorry for making you cry. Just you have fun
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Ha, I'm 23 actually. I work as a web designer at a well-known retailer, so I'm hardly stuck indoors playing games as you snidely suggested. As for the girlfriend comment, I just had my 5-year anniversary but feel free to try again. It wasn't a personal boast, I was simply reassuring that my opinion was based upon actually having played the game. Is yours?

Come back when you've put your prejudices away, it's not becoming.

LOL, sweet Jesus, that even sounded desperate.

Enjoy your 'girlfriend' and your trophies. It was meant to be a humourous message, nothing else.


[b]This is £5.99 on!!!!
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