Iron Man 2 Xbox 360 £6.99 @ The Hut now £6.93

Iron Man 2 Xbox 360 £6.99 @ The Hut now £6.93

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IronMan 2 for xbox 360 £6.99
Forgot to mention it's at The Hut


Am tempted to pick it up at this price, thanks OP.

Already ordered. Sweet.

I thought about it for my son, then saw it's got 41% on Metacritic.

It's telling that the game is cheaper than the soon to be released DVD lol

I remember when I rented this earlier this year as there was nothing else out that I particularly wanted to play. I looked at it and thought 'well they wouldn't just go and make it as **** as the first one, would they?'

Then I got home and played it. They had.

Absolutely dreadful, spend your £6.99 on another game.

Take note that this is one of the worst games ive ever played. Thats not to say that some people might enjoy it... Its just not very likely.

But it is a good price so ive voted hot.

would prefer on ps3 but might grab it.

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It's on PS3 as well.
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