Iron Man: Mask And Repulsor Gauntlet £5 @ Play (Quidco also)
Iron Man: Mask And Repulsor Gauntlet £5 @ Play (Quidco also)

Iron Man: Mask And Repulsor Gauntlet £5 @ Play (Quidco also)

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Arrogant, powerful and ruthless, Galvatron has emerged to seize control of the scattered Decepticon forces. He has formed what was once a loose confederation of assassins and warlords into an army capable of threatening the entire universe. Rumours abound, but no one knows where he came from; they know only that he arrived, and swiftly crushed all opposition to his rule. Some Decepticons hope another leader powerful enough to challenge him will emerge, but most are too afraid of him to even hope for someone better.

In robot mode, this fierce-looking Decepticon figure features a giant firing particle cannon blast! Convert to tank vehicle mode and the particle cannon becomes a firing cannon - ready to take on enemy forces!


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You've actually given the wrong description, sounds like you're describing some Transformers toy. This is in fact Iron Man, a totally different character.
Voted hot anyhow.

Also says argos deal

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Also says argos deal

Thanks for notifying m8.

Looks like a bargain if you're into that stuff. Heat added. Lots of other stuff for a fiver at Play, too. Gentleman's ballscracher is there, surprise, surprise!

What a great idea - post a bargain with a random description of another item altogether.
I think we should all start doing it.

Voted Hot! :thumbsup:

Anyone know where I can get the rest of the suit? :-D

now @ 17.99...

think i missed this one...:oops:

There's a European fellow called TMP who was one of the first to put a whole suit together in urethane rubber and polyurethane plastic. It was the benchmark for all fan-made suits. Then he improved upon it heavily and now has a Mark II version in cast metal (the silver suit Stark learns to fly in) and then a fully painted cast metal Mark III version, all fully wearable as long as you're the right size. A quick Google search will find him if you really want to buy a suit, not cheap though but very good quality and almost screen accurate.

This is hot! I love Iron Man and am always surprised at how accurate this toy is in terms of likeness. Totally wrong description though.

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oh ****, wsh I bought it now.

Dont you remember when Galvatron fought Iron Man, sheez lol
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