Iron Man Wii £8.99 @ Shopto

Iron Man Wii £8.99 @ Shopto

Found 27th Sep 2008
Just found a deal on the asda website for Samba di Amigo and saw Iron Man on the Wii for £10, did a quick search and found shopto have it for a penny cheaper and there's a voucher for a £1 off. making it £8.99,
Dont really see many Wii games for less than £10, must be a stocking filler or a cheap gift for christmas!


great price but far from great reviews for this one...…ron

Oh look, another cr***y Wii game for under a tenner - go figure........... :roll:

More shovelware movie-game.

Excellent price for a Wii game, Thanks!

This game got totally panned everywhere. Buying it cos its cheap is a false economy.

i paid under £8 for it from gameplay and have never played it. its just im a marvel fan so i bought it for the sake of it, but im sure one day ill play it.
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