IronPower Metal Powerball - £24.99 delivered
IronPower Metal Powerball - £24.99 delivered

IronPower Metal Powerball - £24.99 delivered

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For all you powerball enthusiasts... a metal powerball to test your mettle!

The first gyro wrist exerciser with housing and rotor made of metal
High performance aluminium rotor
CNC lathe worked for 100% precision and balance
Highest quality guaranteed: 2 mm axle pin made of stainless steel, durable bearing, hard-coat-anodized surfaces
Generates up to 16 kg at 16,000 RPM due to material and engineering
Delivery in a beautifully designed metal case

Ironpower is the definitive sports instrument for athletes and enthusiasts of many different kinds of sports. It is a revolutionary new fitness product to either tone or help build substantial power and strength in hands, wrists, forearms and shoulders. It is made with extreme precision to produce a wrist ball that is smoother and faster than any other on the market!

Powerball is a dynamic and completely revolutionary new gyroscope that literally explodes with mind numbing torque and inertia once you activate its internal rotor.
It's about the same size as a tennis ball and weighs just a little more, but take a ForceOne in your hand, set that rotor in motion with the cord provided (or use your finger when you get used to it) and you'll experience an extraordinary sensation:
ForceOne slowly comes alive with gyroscopic force - a sublime yet pleasant resistance to your movement which is transmitted directly into your wrist and arms and which provides soothing, non impact rehabilitation at these lower speeds.

The innovative design of Ironpower is perfect in form and reflects the unlimited force of the core. CNC lathe work of aluminium housing and rotor is a guarantee for highest precision and perfect balance.

The hard-coat anodized surface in silver-metallic or black allows for a safe grip for high performance workouts. Due to the innovative technique of joining upper and lower part by metric fine thread. Ironpower can be opened in no time at all in order to exchange the rotor or for cleaning purposes.

The principle of IronPower

A gyroscope is a solid object that is designed to spin around a central axis. The ends of the axle rest on bearings in a steel ring, or gimbal. Start the top spinning and as long as it continues to spin rapidly, the top will remain balanced on its pointed end.

More important, the direction of the top's spin axis will resist any attempt to change the direction of the axis about which the rotor turns. This basic property results from the top's strong Angular Momentum. The rigidity in space of a gyroscope is a consequence of Newton's first law of motion which states that a body at rest tends to continue in its state of rest or uniform motion unless subject to outside forces. Thus, the wheel of a gyroscope, when started spinning, tends to continue to rotate in the same plane about the same axis in space...

When a force (your hand) is applied to a gyroscope it tends to change the direction of the axis of rotation, the axis will move in a direction at right angles to the direction in which the force is applied.

Inside the Powerball there is a rotor of about 150 or 280 gram - depending on your model - which is being accelerated by a round movement of the hand. The rotor can perform as many as 16.000 rpm (revolutions per minute) and thus generate a force of about 75 times the weight of the rotor.


I only previously had a neon pro from play 17.99.

Is this one worth the extra cash?

IS this product not the official powerball brand? i.e no lifetime warranty


P.s dont think it has a score screen so wont bother

Original Poster

This product is not a NSD powerball (the guys who do the neon pro)
No counter but it's a fair bit heavier than the standard powerballs.

"Generates 16 kg at 16,000 rpm"

More weight = more power.

So a few training sessions with this baby results in
higher speed and performance when you use your regular powerball (with the counter).

dont think this is the 'Powerball' brand, there is a metal Powerball on Play.com though, but its 69.99!

edit : beat me to it Animons!

I can only find this one on another site priced at [COLOR="Red"]£44.99[/COLOR].

If it had a counter I would be tempted but still voted hot because of the price.

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Comparison of the rotors found in the IronPower and NSD Metal 350Hz powerballs

Word of warning, if you have medium-small sized hands the Ironpower metal has a tendancy to slip oout of your hand. Maybe a gym glove will solve that problem though. These are really powerfull balls though, but it is impossible to fit a counter to these.

It really is a great buy at this price if you can get past it's downsides, my father used to sell these for £50 on eBay when they were first released last year. Sorry got my years mixed up it was mid 2005 when they were introduced over here, but all this time they have helf their value.

says £29.99 delivered on the site.
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