Irukandji & Bullet Candy Perfect BANK HOLIDAY SALE @charliesgames

Irukandji & Bullet Candy Perfect BANK HOLIDAY SALE @charliesgames

Found 30th Aug 2010
Independent game maker Charlie Knight is offering two of his games Irukandji and Bullet Candy Perfect for $1.00

Quote from his website:
"Anyway, I’ve put together a super-duper Bank Holiday special offer to help those of you not working to maximize your leisure time on your day off. For the meager sum of a $1+ donation, you’ll get not one, but TWO super fun games delivered to you OR a friends inbox! Now that’s value! AND, because i know it’s not Bank Holiday everywhere, I’m going to run the offer until next Sunday!

So what are the games in question? Well i’m offering Irukandji, my underwater themed shooter which was considered by Destructoid to be one of the better indie titles of 2009, and Bullet Candy Perfect, my 3d re-working of the original Bullet Candy which most recently has had the double honor of a 93% AND grade A ranking from Indie Game Magazine.
What’s more, as we’re all in a celebratory day off kind of mood, if you choose to donate $12 or more, i’ll add you to my list of super awesome people who I like so much i’m going to send a copy of Scoregasm to when i’ve finished it. If ever there was a sweetener on a deal, this must surely be it, right?"

Bargain @ these prices!

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You can also get space phallus for free.....with a description like this its a must!!!:

"Space Phallus is a fun shoot-em-up with a retro 8 bit theme. You control the disembodied head of a dog, and fight against hordes of evil space penises."
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