Irwin 300mm 18tpi hacksaw blades 99p @ Screwfix

Irwin 300mm 18tpi hacksaw blades 99p @ Screwfix

Found 5th Feb
For anyone who got a cheap hacksaw from screwfix a few weeks ago or the Irwin hacksaw from amazon for a tenner about a month ago these blades areusually about 4 or 5 quid for a 2 pack.

looks like limited stock but a few stores near me had some at time of posting.

there are also some 300mm dewalt blades on discount but they are a bit more expensive at £2.49 a pack


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Will these fit in rolson junior hacksaw thanks
gguglani816 m ago

Will these fit in rolson junior hacksaw thanks

no to avoid confusion I only posted 300mm full size blades in this deal, however I did just post a separate deal with 150mm junior hacksaw blades so check that one I hope there is some stock nearby for you good luck.
Thanks, got the last couple in local store.

Should go nicely with the £5 2 in 1 Stanley hacksaw from B & Q a while back.
Do these saw through bone?
catalonia59 m ago

Do these saw through bone?

It can cut through various metals so my guess is you will find it is very effective. but an electric band saw will certainly do a much better job.
No stock anywhere near me, but got the Dewalt ones. Thanks.
The 10 pack of Toolpack ones for £4.99 gets good reviews..…540
No stock around Dudley area! Best of luck if you find any!!
RayPerrins14 m ago


theres still some around in london and essex
Blimey never realised Hacksaw blades were so expensive , I've always had a job where they come free from the stores
Thanks got the last two around Derby, having to go to Burton Upon Trent for them but it will be worth it and at no cost to me as Ive got a bus pass for my business use (self employed). I can kill two birds with one stone and make it a business trip and pick up these while I am there. Also got the last pack of the junior ones as well as I despreatly need some of those.
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