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Irwin Quick-Grip Handi Clamp 1 1/2" (3072X) £2.99 click and collect at Screwfix

£2.99£4.9940% off
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Was having a quick look at the clearance screws as posted by @Chanchi32 and decided to have more of a delve through the clearance when saw that the Irwin quick clamps are reduced on clearance too. Good reviews but only collect next day. Also note that the website won't allow you to order a few at once (tried to order 4 so I have a decent amount) so had to order 1 at a time but at least you can do this to the same store instead of chasing them round different stores.
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    It's a good price, but in my experience these are poor. Clamping pressure is much better from simple spring clamps like these:

    I bought 4 once for a project and regretted it. Gave them to a charity shop.
    I agree, used them a few times and just like you said, I find them quite poor, the spring ones work much better. I also like the sliding ones.
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    I’ve got these. They aren’t really any good.
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    I bought these. A 20 pack of 50mm spring clamps. They're excellent quality and come with a lifetime warranty. They also have a 75mm version available too. Much better off buying in bulk, as you'll always find a use for clamps

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    You all have it wrong, the deal isn't about Spring clamps, they serve a different purpose, get with the programme
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    None avaliable where I am in and around Bristol area heat added though
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    I have a pair of these and I can't get them to clamp anything. Seems unlikely both are faulty so have concluded they are just rubbish. If there's a knack to using these I'd love to know what it is. The bar clamps I have are a million times better.