Is it Just Me or is Everything S***? Volume 2, £1 at Poundland

Is it Just Me or is Everything S***? Volume 2, £1 at Poundland

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Couldn't find it on their website but picked it up from Poundland in Blackpool.

For IIJM: 'One of the many things that irritates these guys is rave reviews: so I'll just say it's very funny and recommend you to buy it. Unless of course you're a big fan of the Daily Mail' Stewart Prebble, author of GRUMPY OLD MEN *'An A-Z rant about the naffness of modern life that's so relentlessly bitter it's actually rather uplifting' MARIE CLAIRE *'Bilious old-codgering taken to the highest possible level ... Excellent' TIME OUT

Product Description
Bigger, badder, sharper, ruder, funnier, bestier . . . this all-new companion volume to the 2005 Christmas bestseller IS IT JUST ME OR IS EVERYTHING ****? perfectly complements the first book to form the standard reference work on the shittiness of modern life - like a part-work, only good. Entries include: David Cameron, Lemsip, Baby Asbos, Dream homes, the Chinese Communist Party, Chefs’ families, Zac Goldsmith, the Olympics, Credit cards marketed as sources of spiritual enlightenment, Nu-Torture, Cornish nationalism, Detox socks, Stag weeks and Politicians called David. Because, if anything, it just keeps getting worse . . .
About the Author
Steve Lowe has written for numerous publications including Q, BIG ISSUE and BLENDER. Alan McArthur was deputy editor of SOLIDARITY and has worked on campaigns for free education. They met at Cardiff University. This is their second book (writing, not reading).

^ Taken from Amazon, where the Kindle version is £9.99


YES, especially anything bought at Poundland

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Keep trying to add the image to the post but it's just staying as a black square.

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I think it's an hilarious book.
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bargain, hot from me

the first one is hilarious, will pick this up if i see it!

Saw this and the first one in Waterstones the other day. Much dearer than this.

Great price and looked like a great book.


YES, especially anything bought at Poundland

It is rather ironic, isn't it.

Wasnt aware they did a second one? I loved the first one, especially his rant on the lead singer of Keane "his face looks like runny cheese"

I enjoyed this book, definitely a bargain
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