isafe view 3 baby stroller reduced to £59.99 bonus has a iPad viewing pouch @

isafe view 3 baby stroller reduced to £59.99 bonus has a iPad viewing pouch @

Found 9th Sep 2014
bought one today, very good and ease of use. bargain for the price and the bonus of an iPad holder do the little one can watch videos. happy days

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Seriously!!! An iPad holder? Whatever next :-(
yeah lol keeps the nipper quiet
It's great for the bus/train when your arms are sore from having them jumping all over you, nobody wants to be the parent with the screaming child, I use mine in my cosatto supa to occupy my youngest at appointments etc
What if someone snatches the ipad when your back is turned? "/
Exactly!! It's a robbery waiting to happen. Let the child look around and take in the environment.
Chav city......

No wonder kids don't appreciate interaction, the environment etc etc...
Horrible company to do business with, was very rude when I sent back a faulty stroller ended up cost me £70 to send back which I never got refunded for Good stroller or not would never buy from them again. Good luck to anyone who has to contact customer service be prepared for a fight
I think it's quite funny that it's called iSafe and has those words emblazoned all over the pushchair for any would be criminal to see, the irony.
too late

iPad the world has moved on with Apple launch of the Wrist smart watch.... how will they have holders for that
Children need interaction with real people , not machines. Perhaps you shouldn't have mentioned the ipad pouch as a selling point.
Thought this was joke when I first saw it....whatever next?!

All the pregnant teenage girls will be snapping these up with their government maternity grants *rolls eyes* - all it needs is a fag holder and a slot to hold their can of special brew
Does look like a decent buggy minus the IPad holder though, similar to Quinny zapp and petite star zia
I had the same buggy before it had been pimped with the iPod holder!
I must say it was a nightmare very good at tipping in the slightest uneven surface.
It may have been better is only a spare at that price but I would not recommend if your child is over 6months due to the weight and under I would rather something forward facing. These are my own personal views tho an sure others have had better luck.
Just hope you don't need to contact customer services. Will add sadly you get what you pay for
I bought the blue and green one of these for my holiday had it 4 weeks foned amazon where i bought it from and low and behold there was a fault with them the catch for lieing and sitting child up snapped exactly the same as mine i had it one day and the isafe log came off the hood and would tip goin down a curb so glad i managed to get my money back x
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