Isis 32" LCD Full HD 1080p TV £249.99 at best buy

Isis 32" LCD Full HD 1080p TV £249.99 at best buy

Found 14th Dec 2010
Use code ISIS120 to get £120 off. (expires 23.12.210)
Also possibly 14.89% quidco brings price to £212.77

Don't know if ISIS are any good but doesn't seem a bad price for a 32 inch full HD TV.

Isis 32" LCD Full HD 1080p TVThe Isis ISI-32-913-TV1080PU is a Full HD 1080p 32” LCD television that offers a range of great features and is ideal for those looking to make the jump to high definition television.

The Isis ISI-32-913-TV1080PU comes with a USB recording feature and has an integrated Freeview tuner as standard, offering dozens of free-to-air terrestrial digital channels from the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, as well as a range of great digital radio stations.

As well as a 1080P Full HD LCD screen, offering a beautifully sharp and colourful picture when connected to a Blu-ray player, games console or set top box, the Isis ISI-32-913-TV1080PU has Nicam stereo sound built-in, for rich full audio.

The USB socket in this Isis television allows you to connect it directly to your PC, and the set comes with child lock and teletext features. A stand, remote control and easy setup guide are supplied with this Isis television, and the set can be wall-mounted for convenience.


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Any reason why cold? I was thinking of buying one, so any insight would be appreciated. The going rate for a 32 inch TV Full HD with freewview has now come down to around the £300 mark and this is over £80 cheaper.

scroll down this thread…682 it seems the 32" was had for £170 after discount and Quidco

This shouldn't be cold. Would like to hear from anyone who has one or a seen a review of one of these Isis sets!

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scroll down this thread … scroll down this thread it seems the 32" was had for £170 after discount and Quidco

Thanks for that, great help. Prices are really falling a bit like the old CRT TVs a few years back, because of the newer technologies.
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