ISIS 40" LCD 1080p TV £249 @ Bestbuy

ISIS 40" LCD 1080p TV £249 @ Bestbuy

Found 27th Dec 2011
Just popped into my local Best Buy (Hedge End) and they're having a closing down sale with dozens of ISIS 40" LCD 1080p TVs for £249.99, as well as smaller ISIS TVs for even less (19" for £89.99 and I think the 22" for £129.99).

I see there was a previous HUKD thread about this which has been expired (…e=1 ) but certainly at my local Best Buy this deal was still going strong. Can't find anything on the Best Buy website specifically mentioning this deal, but if you live close to Hedge End you could pick yourself up a bargain.
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Personally, I'd be a little wary about the warranty on these. It's a good price, but if something goes wrong, where do you stand? It's a little with a big brand name as they'll have their own authorised repair people. I assume Isis are a Best Buy exclusive (own) brand and where there is no shop to return it to, who do you contact for help?
Been there last week and they had Lumix GF2 25%off but the price was still higher than on Amazon, won't go there, waste of time..
Isis who? Most of these "no make" or own brand TVs are a nightmare to source parts for when they do need a repair. You could get a 40" Toshiba/LG/Samsung for about £70 more than this before the sales even started, from retailers that aren't about to close down. I know i'd pay the extra for a slightly better telly and a warranty I could have confidence in.
Guys as stated in store ALL items has manufactures warrenty
The BestBuy in Liverpool literally have the entire store filled with these TV's, they may aswell rebrand the store name to Isis they have so many. Funny thing is, i'd been in there before they decided to close down and I didn't see any of them - their decent tv's they did have magically disappeared.
I bought a 32 inch Isis tv from best buy about 2 months ago....rubbish sound and quality. I took it back the next day, and the bloke who worked there said that Isis is best buy's own brand, and they had had so many returns on them. He admitted that the tv was rubbish and swapped it for a Sharp tv instead.
The Best Buy 'closing down sale' is a complete con. They was selling stuff for cheaper a couple of weeks before the sale started, then put the prices up for the sale to make out you was buying a bargain.
I went and had a look in the Nottingham store, no bargains to be had, the prices were only slightly reduced I would steer well clear, John Lewis had cheaper stuff!
what do you guys expect if CARPHONE WAREHOUSE has anything to do with it? lol
Was looking at this today for 2nd Tv for my guess room. For warranty there is a contact number on the side of the box if you have any issues but I rather pay the extra and go with branded name.
I did over hear while in store these are rebrand low end Toshiba TV's.
As social lurker said earlier, it's probably also worth considering whether you really want to deal with the manufacturer rather than an store warranty (like John Lewis offer), given they aren't exactly the most well known brand (does anyone know what their customer service is like?).

BestBuy have carefully worded their returns policy based on their closing down/clearance stock and put signs up throughout their store (aswell as giving you info with your receipt) which seems to remove alot of normal returns policies you'd expect from purchasing instore.
Best buy, well know in USA, but in ~UK, no no, they didn't make it at all!!
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